Priscilla Shirer: The Enemy Believes God's Words About You. Do You? | Praise on TBN

Priscilla Shirer teaches at the 2018 Passion Conference for TBN’s Praise. Listen in as Priscilla Shirer teaches the importance of knowing what God’s Word has to say about you, and the power and purpose you have in CHRIST JESUS. The enemy knows God’s Words about you are true. Do you?

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  1. Oh how I wish I could talk to this woman. She.. with the way God has anointed her… has changed my life. Why are people we admire so hard to meet. ( don’t answer that, I understand)

  2. I believe opposite of what God believes about me… my whole life has been beyond stressful. I don’t even do drugs, drink or overtly sin. I am not perfect but try to be better everyday. Yet my life is a joke.
    Lost my job as a nurse. ( due to dominant hand wrist surgery gone wrong) can’t apply for any nursing job. And I am single. NO money. I am hoping God allows me to heaven and He has my days numbered.

  3. The enemy is threatened by You and The Holy Spirit in You together: Children Of Jehovah God. Brothers and Sisters Of Jesus, The Christ.
    They Should Be Threatened By The Family Of God:) Ephesians 3:14-15 Amen🔥
    If they didn't see you, they would not have recognized the spirit of god in you together🙏 Revelation is needed about salvation…


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