Priscilla Shirer: How to Experience God for Yourself | FULL TEACHING | Praise on TBN | She Rises

Priscilla Shirer teaches at the 2018 She Rises Conference. Listen as she teaches on ways for YOU to experience God for yourself, rather than relying on the testimonies of others as the crux of your faith.

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00:00 Intro
00:37 We’ve Stopped Recognizing God
04:43 Luke Chapter 2
07:50 God is for You
11:25 Feeling Like an Outcast
17:05 Stop Limiting God
18:00 The Manifest Presence of God
24:00 The Holy Spirit in You VS On You
31:35 Going to Church in the Spirit
38:35 Receive the Savior


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  1. We are thankful to God forbringing us in his presence through you and your church God bless all hearing and we all pray to almighty to open every bodys heart to hear this most precious message to transform lifes throughout the world. keep us all inprayers Roma poojari family Mumbai.. India 🇮🇳

  2. Yes. I definitely know what she is talking about. There would be a high time in the church, like a revival service. And do you know that there be people that just sit there with their hands folded and a frown on their face? The Shekinah Glory would have passed through, over and under them, and they miss out on their blessing, healing or miracle all because they think that it does not take all that. They have gotten so used to tradition and religion that if Jesus Himself was sitting next to them, they wouldn't even know it. Amen.

  3. You are right..taking so much for granted. Each day we are alive! I feel sorrow that Days become a Have to. JESUS changed days so we Get to! WHATS going to move us? All the stuff that doesn't matter…Lord help us Cut off these weights. So many pointless thoughts and wants. I feel behind..cant do that until I get that. Way behind. I'm not where I should be. THEN something happened..I helped one person. DO that again I pray!!


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