Priscilla Shirer: Discerning the Voice of God | Praise on TBN

Priscilla and Jerry Shirer join Matt and Laurie Crouch on TBN’s Praise to discuss how to discern the voice of God. Listen as they discuss the different ways that we can listen to God’s guidance, with the primary understanding that the more we know Him, the more evident His voice will be in our lives.

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On the air since 1973, TBN’s flagship ministry and talk show Praise is one of the most recognizable — and most watched — Christian programs in the world. Taped before a live audience and hosted by TBN’s own Matt and Laurie Crouch along with other popular personalities, Praise features the best in contemporary Christian music and worship, fresh and impacting ministry voices, engaging interviews from a wide variety of guests, and a fast-moving hour of relevant talk you won’t want to miss!

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  1. I heard his voice while being slain in the spirit. He revealed things and he said this is just for. But I shared what he showed me. I have really regret my actions. The angel of God said I will always know his voice.

  2. FaithHopeLove Blessings…The "IT"GutFeelingFaith Inside The Soul..You BIRTHED GRACES knowledge. Right vs Wrong. PEOPLE, Places and THINGS to Be involved or Associated With. FEELINGS Sympathy CARING For POOR WORKER'S Carrying The Weight Of The Shadows Of GREED, Hate, Unfeeling Robots Minded Taught Adult Grown Folks.
    Inner Refuge Courage and Strength Faith Prayers For Better. Honesty Justice System. Truth's. EQUALITY. HONESTY Is Going To Be Good Days.

  3. Yes God speaks audibly.. I heard Him at night once .He said" Those who do not follow my words WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED". I jumped up immediately looking to find some one. My 9 months old baby was the only one in the room asleep.
    He has also spoken to me through dreams in 2019 about the rapture and 2021 September about the great famine and earthquake that is to come.. and immoral clothes we wear in the world that doesn't please him.

  4. In 1986 I suffered a mental breakdown;But I will never forget I Actually heard a voice;it was perceived at that time to be the voice of God;People and I never paid it much attention,because of the mental situation,Today I just haven’t forgotten about it ;Because it was amazingly out of this world it was audible with flames of fire that wasn’t hot and there was no smoke or heat ;I thought I “WAS JUST CRAZY for seeing that ;But there was truth about this trance it was the LORDS PRAYER;Today It’s something to be mindful about ,because most of us over look it because of it’s simplicity,no one think much about most people will say to me that “they don’t want it for a vision.,But I just pray it at times because of my experience I had in my past.


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