President Uhuru addresses the nation during the National Prayer Service at State House

President Uhuru addresses the nation during the National Prayer Service at State House

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  1. Kumbukeni wakuu wa nchi sikuzote wekeni nchi zenu kwa Mungu. Kenya kwanza EA ya pili Afrika ya 3 Dunia ya nne huo ndio ukweli. Sasa ondoa ukabila muwe wamoja. Hongera sanaaa.

  2. Hongera sana Brother Uhuru. Hata wimbo wenu wa taifa unaanza na Mungu.. Kumbuka marehemu Baba yako alimtanguliza Mungu. EA yote iwekeni kwa Mungu bila woga.Hongereni Wakenya.

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  4. Raisi kuomba msamaha ni Yesu Dani yake, sio kawaida wenye cheo kuomba msamaha, (daudi alijua amekosa, akanyenyekea akaoba msamaha, sauli alkataliwa kwa kutojishusha na kuo. Ba msamaha (our president you are wise, God bless you

  5. So our President, MAGUFULI (PhD) was right all along and yet all his counterparts in the block laughed at him😅…….Kweli "Magufuli is the breath of fresh air"
    Kweli "Magufuli is the real deal"🙏🏿

  6. To clean corrupted we need all tribes go to where they came from then we can see who are corrupt and who are not because each we shall declare our wealth if found guilty the wealth will be taken by government and pay our debts

  7. Uhuru and that Bishop,know that you can not cheat God.what l you have done even in that prayers is so evil and santanic.may God punish and your family heavily.

  8. Actions after repentance are just as important as the confession itself, they cement the deal. John 16:13. The Spirt of God convicts us of sin and leads us to repentance. Thanks for obeying the Holy Spirit Mr President and repenting publicly. It is not an easy thing to do. God bless you and may He continue to do a good work in you as an example to all. Amen.

  9. Where are the prophets in the land gone because a national without a prophet it's not a national before heaven honest prophet are in need in Kenya to help our national the right way of truth and remove the spirit of liars,dishonest is a SIN BEFORE HIM.

  10. Where is your Health minister who mocked us Tanzanians!!but past is past, we are happy for you Kenyan as you remembered that God is our savior always!! and Kenyan please don't bad mouthing Mr Uhuru, just be with him through. Big up!!!

  11. Yes thank your god for keeping you safe while poor are being killed by your police yet no mercy for that , because they're poor but they're taking over to rule this national the prayers made there this day please they have not reach even second inch to heaven they're floating in the air, a national divided the Most High Yah is not in the mist that's fact, a country with no peace between leaders is like hell.

  12. Powerful powerful! From His Excellency President Uhuru! It echoes in my ears the same words from late president Moi…..kama nimemkosea mtu naomba anisamehe na kama mtu amenikosea, mimi nimemusamehe…🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼


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