Praying for Prosperity for God's People & Deliverance

God’s Midday Glory Empowerment Line
New conference number 443-453-0034 pin 157204 starting 12/6/13


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  1. Hallelujah hallelujah, Jesus Jesus ,yes lord I feel the power of the Holy Spirit. God bless Apostle Sharon Hamilton, JESUS JESUS JESUS, this pray bring me under the blood of Jesus,HALLELUJAH Hallelujah HALLELUJAH.
    THIS PRAY HAS ME JUMPING ALL OVER MY HOUSE, FIRE FIRE IN THE NAME OF JESUS !!!!!! Thank God I found this pray ,Thank you Jesus for using the woman of God!! Bless her Jesus, anoint her always.
    Teacher Maureen

  2. God is truly real, because he sent a wonderful, spiritual, God fearing, a praying warrior, a fire for God who is anointed by God Β to do a great work for him by being the shepherd over his flock(which is his people)Sister Sharonyouareloved


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