Praying for a Spouse: Why Isn't God Answering My Prayers for a Christian Relationship?

Are you praying for a spouse? Why isn’t God answering your prayers for a Christian husband or wife? Here are 4 reasons God does not answer some prayers by Christians for a spouse. These 4 reasons come from the Bible verses Mark 10:35-40.

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  1. I’m just wondering why God wouldn’t answer a prayer for a relationship after years of praying for the same thing because it’s driving me too toxic behaviors like smoking and suicidal thoughts.

  2. Here is another reason:
    It MIGHT be the man or woman who is meant to be your spouse is NOT ready yet. I know this because it happened to me. When I would ask God why didn’t He send my husband yet. And I would ask, is it me, was I the “problem?”
    God would answer, No, I wasn’t the problem. He would say, I was ready and I had done everything I was suppose to do to become ready – I had got myself emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy, etc. and was strong and independent – all the things I needed to be for my future husband. It was my future husband who was the problem!
    He was not ready yet, he had things he needed to work on about himself and “fix.” And until he did that, a relationship would not be good and healthy nor last between us.
    So basically, I was asked by God to wait on my future husband to get himself together.
    Thought I would put that truth out there.

  3. I am 33 and single, Ive failed to continue in my Seminary days. I ask you Lord to guide me during this moments of doubts and uncertainties. I have never had a special person in my life and I am unable to cope up with my depression.

  4. Don't buy the lies. God isn't interested in your emotional well-being if you're not a regular attendee/tither who is a good looking, rich, or well-to-do member. He could not care less about the matters of the heart.

  5. "If we ask anything according to his will…" More horse doo-doo. Just another way to keep you attending church while you believe in something unreal. All the while affording the pastors, church officials to take your money and run.

  6. Yeah, just keep waiting and asking what more we have to do to not be called to singleness. God doesn't answer every prayer because there is no God. It is all made up. The ultimate, original Ponzi Scheme.

  7. This is nothing more than dangling a carrot in front of a horse to keep it walking. In this case the promise of a loving marriage is the carrot and we are the horse. However, instead of keeping the horse walking, he is keeping us attending church and tithing, while we wait for love. This is so much crap.

  8. I am here because I am completely and utterly exhausted. I have been BEGGING God fervently for YEARS to help my find a nice girl. I have been praying rosaries, going to church and confession on a regular basis. I have been giving up everything and anything that may be standing in the way between my relationship with God. I have been in so much pain for so long. Every time I feel like I’m getting close, he sweeps the rug out from underneath me and lets me fall flat on my face. I have been on many dates and experimented with dating sites across the board only to face rejection after rejection. It’s like there’s a knife in my side and every time I try to talk to a girl I like, he twists the knife, yanks it out, and pushes it back in. There’s a few pretty girls at work that I try to talk to and it’s like I’m invisible to them. I feel like my life is a joke sometimes. It’s like he’s mocking me. I feel bad for saying that because I know none of it’s true, but there’s no worse feeling than the feeling that God is blatantly ignoring you. Sometimes even making the pain worse, as if he’s doing the exact opposite of what you’re asking. Like WTF. I often feel like I’m being punished for a crime I didn’t commit. Literally the worst feeling ever. And there’s no end in sight. I don’t get it.

  9. Reading a lot of comments here I understand and emphasis with you all I have waited years and I had give up after my heart has been broken by many many disappointments but I still chose to be faithful to God and live a pure life however hard it has been I have begun to seek the lord again for a wife as the desire has returned some days I have the faith to believe other days I find it a real battle yet deep down the desire has not left . Trusting Gods wisdom knowledge is painful hope is hard I have found myself in tears broken but I will still trust in the lords goodness to me

  10. Finding a good masculine Christian man is looking for a needle in a massive hay stack! I tried looking on dating websites a lot of them say they are Christians but they sure don’t act like it. They have no problem having sex before marriage! Gross!!

  11. Sometimes I don't ask God til after, then I have to go ask him to deliver me from another hellish situation of my own creation. Ugh! Lots of tears wasted on those… Ask, seek, knock first. Then listen for the answer and know it's for your best good.

  12. Something crazy happened after I watched this video yesterday. This morning I had the urge to pick up the Bible, close my eyes and flip to a random page. Sometimes I do that asking God what passage I need to focus on. And I kid you not, I swear to God guess which page I turned to. The passage you are discussing in this video! I was shook! I felt honored and blessed that God gave me a direct confirmation. 🙏🏻 I felt unheard and shunned for a long time due to certain prayers not coming to fruition on my own timing, but this is way too loud and clear now for me to stubbornly cast aside.

  13. I have had a very lonely life and childhood. Everyday I pray to God to bring me a husband and children; Yet I seem to get nothing. If God is good why would he allow me to have all of this loneliness in my life and why isn't he giving me what I want?

  14. I truly thought that I had found the person God sent me. He said all of the right things and we seemed to have a lot in common but then he started having business problems and was almost begging me to help him out and send him money. I think that he was scamming me from the beginning. I thank the Holy Spirit for the discernment to see through the lies.

  15. Im 45 and still single. I dont know why i have been attracting bad guys in my life & its so frustrated. I dream to have kids of my own but i think its too late now. So I stopped pray for a partner (since no answer) and just focus on myself.

  16. I realize in this video, that I need to wait on God's timing. His timing the best timing. I going to wait on god as long as it takes. To eventually meet the one. He knows I want to married. So I know God working on it. So I'm going to stop stressing and let God work.

  17. You see the only thing is women can sit back and wait for "God" to bring them a husband. But men can wait for "God" to provide a wife since we have to initiate the approach. Moral of the story God doesn't do everything for men we have to do it for ourselves women have the luxury of patience but whine from the options.


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