PRAYERS THAT BRING HEALING (With Scripture) by John Eckhardt

PRAYERS THAT BRING HEALING (With Scripture) by John Eckhardt

Voice: John Eckhardt

Music: A Profit’s Reward

Redistributed By: World Light Warriors


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  1. Father In Heaven,I Thank You and I Praise You With All The Gifts You Shower Upon Me And My Love Ones! In This Time Where I Miss My Mother Who Is Fighting Cancer Stage 4.She Is Undergoing Healings In Many Ways🙏 We Thank You Lord Jesus Christ For The Trust We Have This Time In Never Giving Up Or Feeling Lost 🙏 ❤💖❤

  2. By his stripes I believe my mum pamela is healed of stroke an my madam healed of cancer.i hve faith in God tht this two women will be whole an restore to good health.may almighty hve mercy on thm an forgive there sins.i believe in u God.

  3. I would like prayer concerning a Norman Beverly who lives in Anchorage Alaska he claims to be a man of God yet his perversion is demonic allure's and Bully women some years almost beat to death by having sex with them while they're on their monthly cycle and then he sleeps in there blood he also abuses them so bad sexually which is what he enjoys to where woman's insides are almost worn out I praying that this wouldn't be delivered because I don't believe most of them know that that's what you're getting into I don't think it's all them being willing thank you for your prayers


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