Prayers Never Die — Talking to Jesus — Rich Wilkerson Jr

The purpose of prayer is not to get man’s will done in heaven but to get God’s will done on earth.

We pray in preparation for God’s promise which requires our patience to gain perspective in all the amazing things God has in store for us. Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. closes the collection of talks “Talking to Jesus” with the message Prayers Never Die.

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VOUS is a church community in Miami, Florida. Our mission is simple, to bring those who are far from God close to him.

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00:00 Prayers Never Die
1:20 How the men and women of the Bible prayed
4:25 Bold requests (Luke 11.5-10)
11:18 – Confidence in prayer (1 John 5.14-15)
23:30 – 1) Preparation (1 Chronicles 29.16, 19 NKJV)
28:05 – Full circle in Nashville
32:50 2) Patience
36:08 – New house, 20 years after
40:44  – 3) Perspective (Hebrews 11.32-40)


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  1. I'm so blessed through this sermon… just reminded me of my mother telling me that l'm a result of prayer ….she fasted and had faith for my existence. Thank you GOD for my mother. May her soul rest in peace. GOD IS AMAZING.

  2. Tried sharing this w my husband, but he can't understand it. He is deaf and relies on subtitles. Is there a way to add subtitles, pls? The autogenerate won't work. It says subtitles are unavailable.

  3. Really good sermon by Pastor Rich, I love it.

    1. The main takeaway for me here is that prayer needs to be consistent, fully trusting in God and also fully surrender to God's will to be done rather than ours.

  4. Does anyone know who sings the song “ You can do anything, you can do anything my eyes have seen your glory…” the worship band sang it that Sunday. Thanks! 🙌🏾. Great message- HBD VOUS

  5. What a time to be alive ❤️❤️
    Happy birthday Vous Church 🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Thank you for the impact you are making around the world….

    This Series has been incredible 💙💙

  6. Great message, Pastor Rich!!!!! May God continue to bless you, your beautiful family, and the VOUS family. VOUS changed my life — I was saved at the NW 2nd Ave location on 3/11/18, thanks to God and to Jen Hardcastle's invitation to check out her church. I now live in Nashville but love to watch you and Pastor DC online. Thank you for everything you are doing in Miami.


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