Prayers for Prosperity and Financial Release

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  1. I pray for conviction deliverance and healing over all child molesters pedophiles sex offenders rapists murderers drunks drug addicts alcoholics tobacco users fornicators adulterers masterbaiters perverts thieves liars and anyone who even thinks about touching a child inappropriately or molesting a child thankfully in Jesus name amen

    I also pray for conviction deliverance and healing over all who try to judge me for what I thought had happened to my daughter you guys don't know if it did or not if it ever has or if it ever hasn't only the Lord knows so I forgive you all the Lord forgives all thank you all have a blessed day in Jesus name amen

    FYI I've had reported it numerous times nothing has happened so apparently it's not happening or no one cares I've been willing and able to make another report about it but I just can't get his address from my sister for some reason so just pray that she'll give me his address if it is found to be true or not and I won't get in trouble for making a false report. I pray Lord please make it to wear these things do not happen to any child anymore thankfully in Jesus name amen

    Lord please help us all do whatever we can to prevent any harm done to any child thankfully in Jesus name amen

    Also Lord if it is in your well for me to be a foster parent please help me keep my job so I will be able to do so thankfully in Jesus name amen


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