Prayers against the strange woman & marriage destroyers 1


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  1. Each and every strange woman in my husband’s life may the judgement of God come upon you. There will not be any child born outside my martial union. God you have assigned your angels to each of us. I degree and declare the angels of you oh Lord go fourth right now and not only minister to my husband but cause him to fall upon his knees and declare that you father God are the only living true God. In Jesus Christ name…Amen

  2. I come into agreement with this prayer. My husband will come back to me in the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus! Lord I repent for opening the door for the enemy to enter my marriage.

  3. I come into agreement with this prayer Sharon LEAVE my husband Jon alone NOW in Jesus’ Name Amen. I also repent for my failures in my marriage and ask Jesus to forgive me, in Jesus’ mighty name 🙏🏻💖💙🙏🏻💙💖🙏🏻

  4. I pray for the holy spirit to unite my husband Christopher with me again , by the blood of Jesus. And keep Stella away from him , put a double edged sword between Stella and Christopher. Bless our family Lord. Let him not leave me.

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  6. Please🙏 Lord keep away my husband any temptations anywhere he assigned in his work operations 🙏🙏🙏give him Lord wisdom ,love and protections and fear unto you Lord 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you Lord 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Hi sister praise the lord. And pray for my husband bcoz he is having affair with nt only one strange woman he is having so many women's in his life and I can't do anything I have two children he doesn't want to be with me and my children's. He always wanted to be with them and he likes to be outside he doesn't care of our feelings and family 😪😪😪😪😭😭😭😭😭😥😥😥😥😥😥

  8. I agree with this prayer In the mighty name of Jesus!🙏. My husband is committing adultery with a strange women and he ask me for a divorce. I pray my husband will come back to me and our family. I pray God removes this strange woman out of his life and out of our marriage in Jesus Mighty Name!🙌

  9. If the prayers makes people uncomfortable, it is working 🙏🏾✨🛐 I repent for opening that door to this strange woman, and being a quarrelsome and thorned wife. Please forgive me God, for my haughtiness and constant nagging. Not being a place of joy, and serenity. Pray over my partners Kenji and Dumplin' my spouses. Come home now! I cast her out of our marriage, and our lives. I forbid you now! In the mighty name of Jesus.🛐🙏🏾

  10. I degree and declar every Strange women in my Family and my children live assainst against my Home and Carrier and my health we're ever you are in Jesus Name be arrestet and bound by un brakebal chains of God ans be Cast out from our live,Home, childrens Live,Job and every areas of my live,let the Strange women recieve the jugment of God in Jesus Christus Name Amen

  11. God of our ancestors who turned water into wine at Cana wedding pls i beg u Lord u alone led me in this terrible path don't forsake me now ur Faithful God u didn't forsake at Cana wedding u didn't forsake Mary and Martha u didn't forsake Lazarus u didn't forsake Moses and ur people Israel u didn't forsake Abraham u didn't forsake David u didn't forsake job u didn't forsake Ruth u didn't forsake Esther u didn't forsake disciplines i am a poor sinner Lord pls don't forsake me in times of need especially now i am waiting for ur help from above i beg u Lord if u intervene in my situation my situation will surely change i beg u Father pls open up the hearts of my parents and alfes parents pls unite us Lord we both truly love each other. Pls don't forsake us Appa Amen

  12. Pls pray for me against the spirit of betrayal in my love relationship. I beg u Lord pls cancel the spirit of betrayal in my relationship with alferius Lord pls send ur angels protect my love relationship with alfe. Lord burn the spirit of betrayal attitude of betrayal from our relationship i beg u Father i beg u ur poor sinner i beg u Appa Amen pls cancel the spirit of betrayal from me and alfe nd our families Amen..

  13. Urgent request I beg u all pls pray for me my name is Joslin 2021 may June July were the most worst difficult hard days of my life i faced many disappointments failures obstacles. Now in month of May i am really worried afraid since i feel the same things disappointments failures obstacles coming i beg u Lord pls shut those evil doors of disappointments failures obstacles in marriage I beg u Lord pls put the evil causing this in fire in Jesus name Appa pls touch alfe he must pray for me and accept me as his own wife i beg u Lord pls remove the spirit of lust evil thoughts behaviour bad attitude from him and clean him Lord i beg u Father pls convince my parents and his parents to accept me and alfe as husband and wife. I beg u Lord pls give me back alfe as my own husband i beg u Lord pls give me back alfe as my own husband i beg u i beg you father. Pls give him a home nd a job since he will resign his present job i beg u Lord fulfill our needs and help us to marry each other Amen i beg u Appa ur poor sinner i beg u Lord ..

  14. Lord I come strongly before your throne of grace and declare that you send your holy angels to go and locate this strange woman Margret Moide .May she receive the anger of God right now. May they be separated by the BLODD OF JESUS!!!!!! GOD COME TOUCH MY HUSBAND JARED AND FREE HIM FROM THE ENEMY'S LIES..AMEN

  15. I claim this prayer over all the strange women of my husband associates/associated with at his work, with, on his social media accounts, in his town and far online he ungodly adulterous ways as my husband stops denying me and our marriage returns on his bended knees begging in remorse and agony for forgiveness over ever deserting out marriage and family. 7 years still pray and fight in God’s way as I honor my vows.

  16. I come into agreement with this prayer. Leave my husband Brayan now, Sallie. Leave him alone, and receive the judgement of the lord,right now. Show your true self and lord revel all those lies she has spoken about me .May you have no peace till you leave my husband Brayan alone in the mighty name of Jesus .

  17. God forgive me for the days have been a disgraceful wife and teach me to be a noble woman and be my husband's crown,God I rebuke the strange woman in my husband's life and may you restore our marriage in Jesus Mighty name I pray


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