Prayer Warriors 365- RULING BY PRAYER! (Derek Prince)

“Ruling by Prayer” by Derek Prince give incredible insight into the power of prayer that can move mountains in our lives, our nations, and the world.

Take this video to heart for we are ALL called to prayer as True Believers in Jesus Christ.

For Prayer Request go to the Prayer Warriors 365 Prayer Wall at

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Please watch: “Armor of God Spiritual Warfare Prayer -Prayer Warriors 365-001”



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  1. Praise The Lord God Jesus Christ Ameen for such a beautiful word of him and he bless all his preachers with a long life and guidance of his word Ameen

  2. Thank you JESUS for allowing me to hear this powerful/truthful/anointed scripture based message on the power of prayer, thanks for sharing, to God be the glory,emma😘 AMEN

  3. Every Christian in the entire world needs to hear this sermon it is one of the best and most complete and sincere sermons I have heard in many years. I pray that God blesses and keeps you all in every way.


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