Prayer To The Sword, of St Michael the Archangel, Protection, Prosperity and Against All Evil!

†Prayer To The Sword, of St Michael the Archangel, Protection, Prosperity and Against All Evil! †

► This powerful prayer to the Sword of St. Michael the Archangel will protect you against all evil and bring prosperity to your life.

You can pray it, or just listen to it as many times as you need until you reach your goals.


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Amén. ❤️


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  1. St. Michael…defend this family who is under siege from the fallen one. Restore peace, love and joy to each one of us. Open our hearts to forgiveness and mercy so we can be a family again. Send someone who can help me….send someone who can help Eric so he can have peace and we can enjoy him as a son and a brother. Thank you.

  2. Dearest Archangel St Michael, I am thankful and grateful for your divine intervention to protect me and my loved ones in the face of Evil and destructive actions. May the entities of darkness surrounding me and my loved ones and the shackles that tie me and my family to a life of emprisonnement preventing us from releasing the bondage we have been victims of for many years. Thank you St Michael for cutting and removing forever and throughout eternity these satanic knots. May we be freed from all future harm to rejoice and embrace the joy, happinesses and love and abundance that the lord has intended us to live. Allow us to live our lives in the light of the Lord our Heavenly Father. Amen.

  3. Please keep my son our dog and myself safe out of harms reach protect us from all evil seen and unseen . Cover us with protection so that we may continue to to share love and compassion to those that are in times of sorrow . So that my son our dog and myself can help to restore heaven on earth . The evil is all around I can feel it lurking . Protect us with ur sword almighty angel . Amen

  4. Saint Michael, please destroy all evil directed to my daughter and my family. Dear saint Michael, I am begging you to get the court release my full compensation without any more delay. I will show my gratitude by helping someone in need. waiting for your heavenly intercession.

  5. St. Michael….please help me to find peace, and joy, and love. I need help in setting up my living quarters so I may find a prayerful place again. Return to me my sons so they can help me. Guide my son, Chris, to a greater source of income so he can provide for his family and find his self respect again., and hold on to his family.

  6. PROTECTOR OF GOD defeat all my enemies who try to discredit me for protecting the Most Holy Eucharist. St Michael stand guard over my household family and friends…Invisibly follow me from now onwards.I love God provide me with a new strength to speak Jesus do his holy will always…All Archangels with you put up your shields around me to give God only all the Glory praise woship he deserves Cast down all demons trying to mislead defeat my enemies.Thank you for your heavenly help . Margi S.A.

  7. Dear Archangel Saint Michael please grant me and everyone who listen to this prayers the urgent financial blessings to give us financial freedom. Thank you Archangel St. Michael . Amen

  8. St Michael the Archangel, Salamat sa mga Bendisyon, Blessing and protection of my family Hanna, Michael, Andrea, Andres, Andre Benjamin and Telay, and my sambahahayang Pamilya Annie, Lean, JR, Liezel, Ian, Jacqueline, Auntie Linda, JOSSAN, MaryJane, Daday, Bobby, Kaki, Intoy, Patricia, inday, Sandy, Baby, Gerry, Jennifer, Jason and jonathan, Dodong, Laila, boboy, and my pamangkin, Emily, Rodulf, and Ela, William, Allan Jolila and bella

  9. Archangel Michael please protect me jezebel and the devil is planning to attack the at my home I need you archangel Michael please protect me I'm asking you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ amen

  10. Protect me from the devil and jezebel spirit they are going to try and get me please protect me Lord and help me I trust you with all my heart I'm asking you in the name of Jesus Christ amen

  11. St. Michael…you know the help I need in the weeks ahead. I need your help…physically, emotionally, mentally,spiritually . Please be my guide and guard. Send your ministering angels to help me.

  12. St. Michael…you know the help I need in the weeks ahead…physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually…I trust and I am counting on your guidance and help. Thank you.

  13. I am sorry st Michael 4 messing up
    Please help me and my family
    Today I offer myself to you
    I am trying my best please help me
    With my problem s
    I need your bless ings

  14. Dear Saint Michael the Archangel:
    Please defeat Satan, his devils, their forces, their proxies, and their worshipers who have thrown my family and myself into a open air prison,. Please break up all chains, jails, locks, blockades they have setup against us, and without a delay of second, please move us into the abode of God Almighty where you, other Archangels, all other angels, and saints live in the light of our Lord the Father God. Please Sir, do it now, without a delay of single second.

  15. Arkansas Michael I ask to cut the cord and get evil out my circle and protect from these evil people that trying to hurt me no reason put shield 🛡️ around where every I go thank you Arkansas Michael I appreciate you thanks you dear universe thank you Divine thanks you angels thank you ancestors family I love Jesus Christ amen

  16. St Micheal please help keep all evil away from me and protect my family from evil and give me your strength so I can walk again take all the evil that stops me from walking please wrap your protection around me and my family Amen🙏


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