Prayer Positions You For Restoration | Pastor Shan Kikon | Faith Harvest Church

We are Praying for you to encounter God today as you worship with us. Be blessed, enriched and lifted up.

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  1. Sir please uphold me in your prayer ,,,,😢😢😢I can't find my way, I need to fight my fear ,but my fear my sleekness my overthinkg is holding me back please pray for my family Amen m god bless you 💗

  2. Pastor i want you to pray for me too. I am having liver problem and general feeling of weakness.i want to serve the lord more n more but due to my illness i feel so weak

  3. Praise the LORD JESUS CHRIST
    The way Pastor you explain is surely from the WORD of God being spoken through you GOD has made you to develop deliver and install faith love hope and plan people's lives 🙏we are indeed blessed by the BILLY GRAHAM of the East . We are SURELY BLESSED by today's word 🙏


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