Prayer Points For The Church | Prayer Points For Church Growth

Prayer Points For The Church |Prayer Points For The Church | Prayer Points For Church Growth

In this video I want to share 5 prayer pints to help the church grow. As members of the body of Christ it is imperative that we live a life pleasing to the Lord because the world looks at the church for that reference point.

I pray that this video will help your church grown with these 5 points.

prayer points for teh church

Comment your prayer below and we promise to pray for you.

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  1. Greetings to all saints!!!
    Grace and Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you!!!
    My request is to pray for my family members.
    I ask the Heavenly Father for healing touch of Christ Jesus🙏
    Dear Lord Jesus I thank you for Your Great Love for us and for Your Precious Blood shed on the Cross✝️

  2. Jesus yashu Masih Essa AlaihisSalaam is A Muslim Jesus is prophet of GOD
    Jesus is coming To Guide Christians for their False fake beliefs and Broke The Cross of Lusifier Symbol .
    Jesus Yashu Masih never crusified Crusified man was yahuda Askaryuti
    Jesus Yashu Masih Essa AlaihisSalaam was Saved and Raised in the Heavens Alive with Soul And body by
    GOD ALLAH RabbulAalameen
    Jesus is A Muslim .
    ALLAH RabbulAalameen is the True Living God And way of Life .
    Jesus Yashu Masih Essa AlaihisSalaam is the Great prophet of GOD ALLAH RabbulAalameen .
    La ELAHA IL ALLAH muhammed ur RasoolAllah SAww


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