Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I sincerely hope that these Seven Prayers of Victory will bring peace, conquering power, divine healing, and supernatural favor as you’re walking in the will of God’s purpose for your life.

Blessings Always
Pastor Jonathan L. McKnight


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  1. If God has already given us enough it is greed and ungratefulness to feel that he owes us prosperity. It is disrespectful. Rather we should be praying for an abundance of God's wisdom.
    He made his prophets and apostles prosperous through his wisdom and understanding. He didn't give them bigger houses and larger bank accounts knowing these things actually could hinder their spiritual growth. The Apostle Paul said that he considered the wealth he had previously rubbish compared to knowing Jesus. True Contentment can only come from knowing and understanding God.

  2. So get a vaccine that doesnt work against new viruses and still spreads the disease? We have idiots in our health system that think with 1 their rear end or just their pockets of what they are getting from the west to institute such mandates.

  3. I PRAY for help In My music .. career my grandad Our Shining Star Alan Beet always wanted me to do well bring me luck in this God.  Please in the name jesus christ , ieovah Amen

  4. Thank you so much, Pastor Jonathan L McNight. These prayers come straight from our Heavenly Father, His word for His glory and truth to be manifest in our lives. Thank you for your Godly wisdom to share, I’m so grateful. I have shared them with my friends. God bless you. Hallelujah! KL 🇦🇺


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