Prayer for Prosperity | Guided Abundance Affirmations | Dr. Roger Teel (7 Minutes)

Relax into this 7 minute Manifesting Abundance Affirmation, A Guided Prosperity Relaxation Meditation with Dr. Roger Teel. Meditation music by Dr. Kent Rautenstrauss. This is an affirmative prayer/spiritual mind treatment.

Mile Hi is a New Thought church in Lakewood, Colorado. Practical and universal spirituality, affirmative prayer, meditation and oneness are at the heart of all we do. Our community focuses on healing, growth, empowerment, positive living, mindfulness and a grounded spiritual path as well as overcoming anxiety, focusing on forgiveness and fostering healthy relationships.

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In this relaxing moment I breathe deeply. Releasing the cares and concerns and perspectives of the outer world. Relaxing my mind, my emotions, my body and opening mind and heart. I enter into the dynamic recognition of the all abiding infinite life and love that is God. The Supreme Spirit. The lavish energy intelligence and abundance of life. the all and all infinite and inexhaustible life. This life is all and one and only. This life is all that it ever needs to be within itself, limitless, ever unfolding its wisdom and possibility throughout the universe. This life is all life, it is pure love, light , peace, truth, joy, wisdom and the abundance of all things. This life is unfolding itself perfectly and I rejoice in this moment to deeply know that this is the life that I am. My life and the life of God; One. A seamless unity. I am living the life of God and God is living its life as me. I step out of the old, limiting ideas into the true spirit and light of my being. I commune with that which God is being as me and declare with spiritual clarity “I am life.” Inexhaustible and eternal, i am love, peace, power, joy, wholeness, and an ever unfolding abundance of creativity and good. Human ideas of limitation and scarcity are dissolving in this instant as I realize that I am the outlet for the omnipresent outlet of divine life. And now I affirm, speaking the word of truth, accepting it totally. I affirm that abundance is the very way of life, in this realization I am prosperity, for God, limitedness life, is my source. I rejoice that there never can never be any scarcity in spirit or truth therefore my life is grounded in this continuous flow of divine good. I know and affirm that the ideas of God now pour forth into my consciousness, into my heart for acceptance and into my world for manifestation. I open to creative insights that open the way for the divine good of God to express itself in and through me. I am an outlet for the distribution of the infinite good of God. There’s nothing too great that it cannot be filled to overflowing with this good. I praise, I rejoice in the lavishness of life and I know that this is who I am. As this consciousness is anchored now within me, I know that flowing forth through me is the abundance of pure being and flowing back to me is the abundance of life forms that result from this, mirrored back to me from this consciousness is greater financial good. Increased and wondrous opportunity, the growth and the prospering of every area of my life, be it in body, relationships, career, every area. My creative expression abounds. This consciousness is who I am now. It moves forth to take form and I rejoice and know that my word shall not return unto me void, but that it is accomplishing that where unto I send it so the consciousness so wide that God is pouring forth through it, I give great thanks for the good that is mine in every way. Moving forth through the perfection of law to evolve and manifest in all the right perfect ways and times. I am so grateful for the truth made known, realized and expressed in and through me abundantly this day. And now I release this knowing in great joy to that power greater than I am that doth the works in peace and acceptance. Knowing it is done unto me as I believe, and I believe. Thank you dear spirit. This is now so and so I let it be. And so it is.


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    868 – "You are experiencing financial security and the old days of financial stress are now behind you."


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