Prayer For My Wife | Daily Prayer For Wife | Marriage Prayers

Prayer For My Wife | Daily Prayer For Wife | Marriage Prayers
In this video, we want to say a prayer for our wives. Marriages need prayers so won’t you join us in this powerful prayer for our wives.

Comment your prayer below and we promise to pray for you.

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Prayer For My Wife | Daily Prayer For Wife | Marriage Prayers►►► 👈

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  1. Amen I believe God is about to break the spell they have put on my wife and bring her back to me and return it back to me sender to teach them all a lesson Amen Amen Amen I thank you God.

  2. I pray for reconciliation of my marriage f it is God's will. Dear Heavenly Father please forgive is for our trespasses against you and each other and please heal our marriage. Thank you.

  3. I pray to you Lord God that you will bless and give me in my near future the right woman for me to date and marry to be my wife that will always love me like the way God and Jesus always loves us in Jesus Mighty Name Amen! 🙂

  4. 2022-02-14 … "Thank you" for this prayer.
    I adore and love my Christian wife Katherine. Today is week 7 of her throwing me out on Dec-28. I am deeply depressed. I've been the very best Christian Husband that I can be, albeit with occasional mistakes, like all Men. I have been faithful to my beloved Katherine, with zero emotional-physical violence. I honestly wish that I had never met Katherine, but it was The Lord's will, and I genuinely love her. I'm at the lowest emotional point in my entire adult life. "Please" Lord Jesus Christ, restore Katherine's love to me, or else. And most importantly, increase my faltering faith in You at this terrible and hard time. In faith, I will now write "Thank You, my Lord Jesus Christ for the marriage resurrection prayer that I have asked You for months and months. Amen"

  5. I pray for my wife who I know struggles with the person I am and I feel like a burden on her happynes.. I pray she grows in her journey. You kw god what am praying for help me help her.🙏🙏

  6. Lord Jesus protect my wife she going to work each day night stay with father any kind of the bad situation my wife my life my family your hands protect my family I n Jesus name Amen Amen father 👏

  7. Nice. And don't forget, it is also the duty of the wife to honor her husband, and not worship politics and the men and/or stories thereof instead, which do nothing for her and oftentimes harm the Body of Christ and good community also.

  8. Thank you for this prayer. I'm so blessed god help me be the wife I need to be for my husband. I love my husband and I will honor and care for my husband. Bless the both of us and watch over the both of us. I love you my husband

  9. Lord Jesus I ask you to please tend to the people in the comments that are asking for a blessing upon their wife and their marriage as I ask you Lord God to please bless my wife and my marriage as, I have pushed my wife away with my irritability my anger my resentment because of my past I pray Lord God in Jesus name that you will remove these evil things for me that has hindered my marriage and I pray that you are moving for those that are commenting here, for they have fallen into the same trap I have. I pray that you would bless me and I pray that you would bless my wife and my marriage in Christ's name amen.

  10. I pray for my wife Alma to allow me back in our home. I'm sorry for my sins and repent all my sins. Please Lord GOD help my wife see that she can trust me and love me again. I praise you and thank you. In your name I pray. AMEN🙏

  11. Please pray over my wife she needs your strength LORD to help her through the hip surgery that will be coming up she needs more than me dear Lord she needs your strength to get through it please be with her always AMEN

  12. Please dear GOD listen to my prayers to lift my wife and put her as my angel to show me my way back to you dear GOD. She's a great teacher to lead me back to you dear GOD. Bless us both as only you can


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