Prayer for Marriage Restoration | POWERFUL (Part 2/4)

This is the 2nd part of 4 part prayer for marriage restoration. In this prayer, we will be praying for the following:
1. Strength for the spouse who is faithfully praying for the marriage
2. For God to bring the prodigal spouse back to the marriage
3. For God to dissolve all ungodly relationships that stand in the way of marriage restoration
4. For there to be complete forgiveness
5. For a new vision and purpose for the restored marriage

Music used
Love Story by Jonny Easton
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  1. Separated 11 months. Husband of 17 years struggles with substantial lying and alcohol abuse and pornography and lust. I struggle with respect, resentment and bitterness.
    To be honest I don’t even know if it is God’s will for us to be together anymore. I don’t even know what to pray. I believe he needs to walk away from that stuff and choose to come back whole. But he chooses alcohol and sin. I don’t even know if I want him or our marriage πŸ™

  2. Please pray for us, that my wife Alex, softens her heart for me, because I Still Love Her Very Much and get back together and restore our family again. πŸ™πŸ™ Thank You, Lord

  3. Please pray for David And Christina pray for our marriage pray that both of our hearts get soften by the Holy Spirit and we reconcile quickly

  4. my ex lover called to apologize for leaving me, And that he’s willing to do anything to get me back. I was speechless when he was saying all these over the phone because these were my request when i contacted Dr agbadu love Spell and in matters of hours Dr agbadu love Spell made it Dr agbadu Love Spell a reality, Get your Ex back by contacting he’s my spiritual father..

  5. I come into agreement with this prayer and bring restoration and break whatever is against my marriage restoration break in Jesus name and let Gods will be done in this marriage

  6. This prayer has brought me so much peace, knowing God has already worked it out, thank you Jesus. Praying that God restore everyone's marriages in Jesus name.πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½β€

  7. All thanks to Dr agbadu on his YouTube channel #dragbadu he restored my marriage after 4years of marriage my husband who left me and our 3kid I was heartbroken for all most 1year I found Dr agbadu on his YouTube channel on #dragbadu I explain everything I have been going through to him I could not believe till now when my husband that left me for 4years now called me on phone last night begging for forgiveness to accept him back what could have done if not of you #dragbadu you are a blessing to me and my house hold I will forever publish your good work thanks a millions time Dr agbadu ….

  8. These prayers really helped me both videos. I thank the MoSt High for giving you wisdom to create these prayers. May you be blessed thank you for being an obedient servant.

  9. My name is Yvonne and my husband name is Abednego..
    Please pray for the restoration of my husband from alcoholism that's making him to be too proud..soo self centered..selfish and for the lord to restore him from adultery. Please pray so that The Lord shall soften my husband's heart and open all corners of privacy so that there shall be no privacy in our marriage,also pray for my husband to love and value me as he used to before
    And for God to teach me and lead me to be like the woman of the Nobel prize…who submits,love and respect his husband no matter the circumstance


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