Prayer For Husbands Deliverance | Spiritual Deliverance Prayers Husband

Prayer For Husbands Deliverance | Spiritual Deliverance Prayers Husband

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Prayer For Husbands Deliverance – Spiritual Deliverance Prayers Husband

This is simply a video I’ve put together where I would like to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice.

All I ask you to do is to agree with me as I pray and we seek our Heavenly Father regarding spiritual deliverance for a husband.

Please continue to meditate on this prayer for yourself.

Speak it daily or listen to this video over and over again and allow the Word of God concerning this prayer for a husbands deliverance to reach deep into your spirit.

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Comment (0)

  1. I pray for my husband for any demonic powers holding him. Lord help him to overcome his drinking and gambling habits abd make him realice that he has family to look after and not to waste his hard earned money . Please Lord have mercy and set him free

  2. Lord thank you for this prayer please bring my husband back to himself remove the woman out of my husband life and the evil spirits that she is sending to my husband life to separate us from being together lord you know what is having to my husband take full control of his life this I ask in your previous name Amen

  3. Father God In Heaven In Jesue Name I Decreed And I Declared I Stand In Agreement With This Prayer Of Deliverance For My Husband, My Husband is Deliverd And That He Stay Delivered Permanently In Jesus Name Amen!!! 🩸🩸🩸

  4. Remove the woman out of his life remove the evil spirits out of my husband and send the holy spirit upon him and open his eyes so he can see what this woman is doing to him this I ask in your previous name Amen

  5. Thank you for this prayer please continue to pray protect and guide my husband remove the evil spirits our if him and remove the woman out of his life she is evil and he is deny that he don't have any woman with me lord you know he is living and only you know what he is going through in mind and body this I ask in your previous name Amen

  6. Thank you lord for this prayer touch my husband and talk to him open his eyes and let him see what this woman is doing to him and to separate us from each other bind our marriage together in peace love happiness and prosperity lord remove the evil spirits that this woman is doing to my husband remove her our of his life block all that she is doing and block then from seeing and meeting with each other this I ask in your previous name Amen

  7. I pray in agreement every demonic spirit holding my husband Robb from knowing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ , and in blinding and deceiving his mind and thoughts , feeding his mind with lies of the enemy , his unbelief of the existence of God, because of this it blinds and hinders him from knowing God and knowing the truth . In Jesus mighty name !!

  8. (There were some negative issues I had to deal with before praying this prayer)
    I agree with you Pastor ⚔️Prayer Warrior⚔️ Daniel for JW's deliverance. I have prayed many times for his salvation, but never for deliverance.
    God, You know the situation between us right now.
    That doesn't in anyway affect this prayer for his deliverance.
    God wants us all to be set free.
    It is in obedience to God that I pray this prayer.
    Thank you Pastor Daniel for creating this deliverance prayer.⛓️🙏
    In Jesus Name I pray, amen.
    God it is for Your Glory that this prayer is prayed. 🙌☝️

  9. I make this prayer on behalf of my ex-husband. He is being used by the devil/dark forces to hurt me and our children. The man I married would never want this for his children. I pray that he rebuke the evil that has entered his life in an attempt to alter the loving and prosperous futures god has in store for our children. Futures that are worthy of safety, love, light, protection and freedom from the abuse and toxicity that has plagued his life and mine. I pray that this man come to his senses. I pray this man remember who he is and to resist and rebuke the evil trying to destroy our lives. I pray for a miracle. Amen. 🙏

  10. There’s also husbands going through wife’s adulterous behavior also, they could really appreciate a prayer for that situation. I Really Appreciate All The Prayerful Peace You Have. God Almighty Bless You 🕊

  11. Lord remove the evil spirit from my husband touch him and talk to him lord let him know what he is doing is not right let think about what he is doing and the person he used to be and let him see the difference in his life now remove this woman out of his life she is wicked and doing evil to him to separate us from being together lord he is not seeing what this Woman is doing to him lord remove the scales from his eyes so that he can see what she is doing to him lord this I ask in your previous name Amen

  12. Please pray for my husband and his job that God would give him wisdom, peace, and creative solutions to the project he is working on.
    His boss is treating him with disrespect…please pray for favor and a good relationship with his boss.
    Thanks so much!!

  13. In the name of Jesus I receive this prayer for my husband. Lord cover and guide him in all of his ways now and his ladder days I thank you lord amen


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