If you’re struggling under the bondage of sickness, disease or affliction, HEALING is available for you – in the name of Jesus Christ! Join Prophet TB Joshua in this powerful time of Mass Prayer at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) and experience the anointing that transcends the barriers of time, distance and language – the anointing that breaks every yoke and heals every infirmity!

People get healed WATCHING these clips! We have countless testimonies of people who have received their miracle through joining in these prayers by faith. Today, your testimony is just a moment away!

“Every dry bone – rise again! I separate you from sickness! Be separated from sickness, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!” – Prophet TB Joshua


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  1. thank you Jesus for my deliverance,i cover my body,spirit and soul with blood of Jesus,i cover my finance with the blood of Jesus,my ministry goodmorning,my destiny goodmorning,my prayer life goodmorning,my temple goodmorning in Jesus name

  2. avery dirty money out of my hands out of my pockets,you spiritual woman of my dream realm,i separate my past out of my life,out of my destiny in Jesus name,avery unclean spirit out of my body,out of my destiny in Jesus name

  3. thank you Jesus,out of my body in Jesus name,you evil spirit out of my dream realm in Jesus name,hands of my realm in Jesus name,avery uplifted hands over my dream be brocken in Jesus name

  4. From PNG. I take every word spoken through the mouth of the man of God Prophet TBJoshua through this medium… irrespective of the distance is happening right NOW NOW NOW NOW in me. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen!

  5. I commit myself to these spiritual prayers to rout out demons that have interfered with me in my marriage life, spiritual life, financials, CAREER, family, HEALTHY, and my church fulfill it Lord in the Might name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen

  6. Amen , I pray for healing in my stomach, becoous I do not know what happen to me and for over three months I do not see my monthly period as a woman , plz sir I need ur prayer


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