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Today I wanted to give you a prayer for healing in the body. It doesn’t matter what pain you have, what issue it is, your body is going to be healed after I pray this prayer for you.

And so, sit back, relax, and I am going to pray for you in a moment

So, if this is your first time here, my name is Pastor Adam and in this channel we focus on praying for healing, empowering people to walk in God’s power, teaching you to walk like Jesus in everyday life.

So, if you want to learn to walk like Jesus, or need healing, hit that subscribe button and hit the bell.

So, right now, before we pray, I want you to relax, no need to do anything, I actually don’t want you to pray. All you have to do is just receive the prayer in thankfulness.

Also, just become aware of your body. How do you feel? Are you in pain, discomfort, take awareness of your issue and where it is at, and then after the prayer we are going to check it again.

So, after you have done that, let’s pray.


Okay, no I want you to become aware of your body. How are you feeling? Is the pain gone or issue gone, or just less? If its gone, take a moment and tell your story in the comments. If its changed a bit, or not at all, I am going to take a moment and pray for you again.

Pray for them

Get them the check

Pray for them

Now that I have prayed for you a few times, what I want you to do is stay in a place of thankfulness to God or his healing and his love for you. Thank the Lord for what he is doing in your body, regardless of what you feel. Wake up everyday thanking him for healing you through Jesus, that he is working in your body and that he won’t stop.

And don’t be afraid to re watch this video a few times.
Also, if you want more healing prayer videos, or teachings on videos that can help you grow your faith, I have a few here and here you can watch.


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  1. I am in total amazement. God truly is our personal Healer. I am healed. Before listening to this video I was in complete pain, almost turning so white in paleness because of the pain, but I BELIEVE GOD THAT THROUGH THIS VIDEO I SHALL BE HEALED AND GOOD LORD, THE PAIN IS GONE. 🥺 THANK YOU JESUS. THANK YOU FATHER GOD!

  2. It's amazing how listening to your have instantly change the situation. I had terrible pain in my toe for 3days that makes it difficult for me to walk. I'm in bed this morning listening to you the pain reduces from my toe and I'm able to move without any difficulty. Thank you praise God 🙏

  3. This prayer is powerful and it works. Thank you God, Jesus and Holy Spirit for always being here for us, for Pastor Adam, and for Prayers answered. In Jesus Christ Name. Amen 🙏

  4. This prayer has healed me I was having very bad stomach pain I do want y’all to pray for my stomach pains and anxiety tho because on my cycle I get very bad period cramps pray that I will have no pain in the name of Jesus

  5. The pain at my shoulder, chest and upper back has almost gone 100%. Thank you Jesus for healing and delivering me. Continue praying for completely healing. Thanks Pastor!

  6. Brother, you are anointed in the name of Jesus! I felt a lot better and usually these videos don’t help for me haha😂 I love you and thank you so much! I can feel Gods force in your voice❤️

  7. Amen thank you Jesus my stomach pain was so bad this morning I could barely sit. You have the spiritual gift of healing thanks to God and his power, he works wonders I am healed. In Jesus name amen


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