Prayer for healing by Dr. Cindy Trimm

Strategic prayers for healing


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  1. I come into agreement with this prayer and claim full healing over my mind, body and soul. Every organ, cell and system in my body functions in divine, optimal health. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen

  2. Mifamilia y yo estamos sano restaurados emocional ,ficamente y espiritualmente en el Nombre de Jesús. Por la Misericordoa de Jesús mi hija será liberada. Toda maldición generacional que e se ta v atacando a mi familia y a mi esta siendo c autiva por la sangre de Cristo. Se libera v toda ata f una de finanzas y nuestros corazones se atan en obediencia al Padre al Hijo y al Espíritu Santo. A Dios sea la Gloria por siempre Amén.

  3. Recently I've been feeling worried for no reason, got my first panic attack and I played this and I felt God's healing apon me, I still feel stressed out a bit each day but I decree and declare healing apon me and the person reading this 🙏🏼❤️

  4. I speak all of these bible verses over my life and am free from all unknown sickness , know sickness and disease lord as I seal up this prayer under your blood and say thank u father god for answering my prayer amen 🙏

  5. when I was introduced to your book I read it out loud before I took my kids to school everyday I even gave books to friends this prayer and your book are needed in such a time as this I pray that God continues to bless and keep you doing His will continue to grow and bless the name of Jesus

  6. I claim complete healing for my body in Jesus name!!! removal of all viruses, lymphoma, bacteria, parasites. I believe it!!! I listen to this prayer many times each week! thank you!

  7. Amen Amen I receive this prayer in the name of Jesus for myself, My Children, my Grandchildren, My Parents, My Siblings and their families, My Friends and my Future Husband and his Family. Amen

  8. I standing agreement and claim this prayer for me and my twin sister by the stripes of Jesus we are here from the top of our heads to The Souls of our feet in the name of Jesus. I cover our bodies in the precious blood of Jesus. I Declare and decree no sickness or disease can live in our body in the name of Jesus. I pray for divine health and healing from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet. I cover our bodies with the precious blood of Jesus. In Christ Jesus almighty name I pray. I thank you father in advance for delivering us from our destruction and from everything that is not of you. In the name of Jesus. With much love and Thanksgiving. Amen and Amen

  9. This is a beautiful prayer, thank you for allowing God to use you… Yes Lord l speak divine deliverance, l receive my healing in the name of Jesus, for who the son sets free is free indeed


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