Prayer For Healing and Deliverance | Total Healing and Deliverance Prayers

Prayer For Healing and Deliverance | Healing and Deliverance Prayers Be sure to …


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  1. Holy Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, please heal the swelling in my lips and please do not let any sickness in my body mind and heart, in Jesus name I pray,.Amen

  2. I am currently paralyzed from a spinal cord injury @ T-2(chest down) that happened in 2015 from a car wreck. I'm praying and claiming that God will also heal me. I'd like to ask all of u to pray for me for healing and the bad situation I'm in. I have faith that God can and will and claiming it rn in the name of Jesus and ask that u claim w me tonight! Thank u all and I pray that God will heal, bless and provide ur every need as well!!


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