Prayer For Healing a Broken Heart | Touch & Agree | Powerful Prayer

Prayer Prayer For Healing a Broken Heart | Touch & Agree | Powerful Prayer

Has your heart been broken? Has something terrible happened—or not happened—that feels like it has shattered your life in a million pieces? This prayer is for you!

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►Writer: Samuel

All scripture animations are derived from the King James Bible (KJV)

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  1. My name is Ellis. My prayer request pray for me I’m not at my self. My heart was broken by the person I love. I I forgave her. But my mind is trouble. Still with some hurt. Plus we have a daughter. I don’t want to leave my daughter. And I want things to work out as a family. Pray for me. I ask in jesus name for healing to restore my life. Give my mind peace. A new heart amen. Pray for me everyone I really need the prayers

  2. LOrd🙏 heal my broken heart and give me a piece of mind, help me God to all may sickness and you direction me to my right path full of happiness and good life with all may family in Jesus name🙏

  3. I receive this prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I have just been heartbroken and this is the second time it’s happening in my life. It really hurts so bad. I’m trusting God for the way forward. Amen 🙏🏻

  4. Lord I pray that YOU forgive all my and Heal my heart wipe my tears and wipe remove from my mind all that has caused bitterness and unhappiness in my heart and mind.Lord I pray for Restoration of everything that the devil has destroyed in my marriage in Jesus Name I pray Amen

  5. A prayer request for my daughter who has been stuck literally and figuratively in an airport in Miami with no access to her ID and passport. I'm not sure what the true story is. I'm in S Africa with very little financial resources to help her and an SA ex that prevents me from taking our daughter with me overseas to gauge what is happening and how bad my daughter's PTSD is.

  6. I pray for this depression and sadness to leave. I found out that my boyfriend who I thought was God sent got a woman pregnant 🤰🏾. We are no longer together but I still love ❤️ him.

  7. Father lord heal me from my broken heart , make me happy again
    Bless me with a good partner ,good home ,good job , financial breakthrough so I can take care of my baby and nephew 🙏🙏 Amen

  8. Lord thank you for this prayer. My wife has ask for a divorce. I thank God that rejection is God's protection.Please give me peace as we navigate throughout this tuff process. In Jesus name 🙏🏽

  9. Broken hearted person I thought I loved with my children turn there back on us as family and thinks love is out side the home & what we built yes I did wrong I hold my hands up but Ino
    My heart real
    I pray my heart can be healed and & not hate I never want go through this again as the lost. Of my son I have to deal with daily in the flesh Jesus help me

  10. I pray that i am restored. If my relationship is God’s will then God will restore. Until then i pray for God to heal my broken heart. I pray for strength, guidance and peace. In the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!


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