Prayer for Healing present “Prayer for Healing”, a simple prayer to God which reflects on His restorative power. The prayer is accompanied by images of the sun setting over a beautiful beach. The music to this film is entitled “Love Overcame” (Instrumental) by Prayerscapes.

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Here is the prayer:-

Short prayer for healing

Lord of Heaven,
I rest underneath you mighty wings of love.
I dwell within your gentle heart.
I know there is healing in your touch.
Through the sufferings of Christ I can ask for restoration
And trust in your goodness.
You are my Lord, my Saviour,
My healer and my friend.
I dwell within your gentle embrace.


prayer courtesy of Used by permission

What is Prayerscapes?

Prayerscapes create inspiring short films for prayer and meditation. On this channel you’ll find films to motivate your walk with God, prayers for daily living, blessings that you can send to loved ones, and prayers for specific occasions and celebrations.

Prayerscapes also produce films that take the listener on a voyage of discovery, interweaving song, readings and images with filmatic type soundtracks. Just check out our “Creative Prayer Meditations” playlist to find out more.

Much of the music that you hear on this films is taken from the albums that Prayerscapes produce. You can check these out by visiting our website and clicking on “music” link. Be sure to subscribe to Prayerscapes now and never miss a new release!


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  1. please prayer for my uncle in Germany, he stopped breathing and his
    heart stopped a few times, he is in the hospital in a coma. please pray
    in Jesus name.

  2. Please pray for my daughter Antonia Charliza Lyngdoh, She's suffering from fever and sore throat, please pray that She'll too her class 10 board exams, enable her Lord Jesus Christ to do well and to live long

  3. Lord Jesus restore my friends fathers health hes is your son please forgive him all his sins. I know and believe you still have plans for him in this earth. Let your will be done in jesus name. Amen

  4. Lord Jesus I never told you any lie before you forever and ever iam trusted and believed in you wholeheartedly and agree with all your prayers and heal me and my daughter with your powerful hands and bless my daughter to eat food in time and bless her to get hungry and please help in each and every matter because except you we both have any one Amen in the name of the lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth

  5. Please bless me and my daughter with your powerful hands except you and my daughter I don't have any one and please get rid off all the evils and evil eyes far away from me and my daughter and please bless us not to get any adultery persons and bad dreams infront of my and my daughter eyes and in sleep please cancel every plan of the enemies and please clear all my troubles worries tensions and problems and bless us to have a good health education job and peaceful life Amen in the name of the lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth

  6. God I’m so sorry for all my sins forgive me for my bad actions today I’m asking u for a big big favor which is to heal not only friends or fam but all people around the world who had been tested positive from corona and the ones who are going to get this disease also don’t let other disease kill people I put all my faith in ur hands have mercy on ur creation don’t leave us alone in this hard moment have mercy on us and make us change for better ur son Gustavo

  7. Prayers for my dad for his heart and lung issues to be healed and for my mom who has Lyme's disease. May they be healed and restored. May God heal my chronic health issues and also for all of my family and friend's physical and emotional needs. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

  8. Lord, please forgive my sins and those of my family, of the world and of the purgatory souls! Lord, please have mercy on us and your forgiveness, healing and restoration for our hurts, and injuries of body, mind and soul! God, Please grant me, my family members and the world repentance and all graces we need to serve you and glorify your holy love and holy name! Alleluia…..


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