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  1. Thank you for this powerful word… i've been to many trials, my previous company closed 7months no salary, haven't receive my benifits but and we've been trap in many debts until now we are paying but i believe God is at work… eventhough i walk through the valley of death I shall not fear for my God is with me… I shall not want for God is the source of everything… thank You Lord Jesus… thank you prophetess…

  2. Hello. We have been praying for God to move financially for me and my husband. I have to testify that I listened to this feed this morning. I am happy to announce that God opened up a financial door for my husband twice today. Thank you for your obedience and your prayers. God bless you.

  3. We agree and receive our financial breakthrough and decree and declare in Jesus Christ mighty name it is done. We glorify your name oh God. I owe over $80,000 in student loans, $230,000 in mortgage and $8,000 in credit card debts. I am applying for a new position that will allow me to continue to work with those facing homelessness. This career move would open the doors to strategically make an impact in our county and region by moving those out of homelessness. Financially it would be a blessing for our family so we may be blessed to be a blessing in Jesus Christ mighty name amen 🙏 🕊🔥❤️✝️ We thank you Jesus Christ. Father we worship and adore you and glorify your oh God.


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