Prayer Financial Prosperity & Abundance


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  1. Hello! I’m Tia from Michigan. I love attending your Bible Studies on Wednesdays night. It has truly been a blessing to me. I was wondering if you would ever do a Bible Study series on the Holy Spirit? I feel this topic is much misunderstood in the church in today’s time. We need the Holy Spirit in order to fulfill our mission here on earth. I would love to learn more about the Holy Spirit.

  2. When I paid my vow to God in 2012,I sealed it up in an envelope,went to church alone,prayed without calling pastor,I knelt down,told God,I have brought my vow to you.I dropped it in the offering box.,without nobody in the church.I went away.To God be the glory,that same month God surprised me financially and rebuked the devoured because an enemy wanted to waste that my blessings but hallelujah,God rebuked him.

  3. I agree, give it to God thus:

    Before going to sleep, put your first pay in an envelope and seal it, label it "TO GOD" then put in your drawer and say:

    "God, here is my first fruit payment, I have put it in an envelope for you to get it during the night… if it is STILL there in the morning, then I'll understand that you don't need it and that I'm then free to spend it as I see fit."

    Leave it in the drawer and go to sleep…

    (I'm 100% sure it will still be there in the morning.)


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