Pray THIS If You Want to Be Married One Day . . .

How should you pray if you want to be married one day? What are some biblical prayers to help you meet the one God has for you …


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  1. I just went though probably the hardest break up of my life. I thought she was the one and I thought god was showing me that. But it got taken away I’m very lost. and I want what god has for me but all I feel is pain. I hope someone can pray for me.

  2. Lord Jesus I ask u for a new place of our own for me and my love josue Antonio Chavez my love and me Maria Cristina Rodriguez a love chapter of our lives to start our own memories. As one amen lord thankyou for all blessings and miracles around my life amen

  3. This prayer is so powerful for me and conveys so much of my feelings and I keep coming to it. It reminds me that it’s been placed into my heart and that it’s okay for me to have this desire. On your time father 💕


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