Pray a little at the Great Harvest


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  1. Somebody. Said. To be yesterday I'm gonna. Wait. Till. I get to heaven to. Praise! Him! Well if your. Out. There I wanna. Tell. That. I have heard. So many people. Say. That and. I just. Sat. Back and listened. Now. I have. To tell. You.
    I know. You. Say sing. And. Say when. We all. Get. To. Heaven. What. A day. Of. Rejoicing that. Will be
    Well…..let. Me tell. You. Something If. Don't. Do it Down here we not. Gonna. Do it. When. We get to heaven. Praise!!!
    It's. Gonna. Be. Right. Here. On earh fist. So when. We die. Won't. Have any regrets. Saying. I wish. I had. Given. God. Praise. While. I was Alive.
    I don't wanna. Be crying my shoulda coulda. Woulda. About. Wish. Coulda did. It. When. I was young
    That's why everytime! I do P&W Service even. If. I'm. Not. Imma. Praise!!!! Him!!!! Like it's. My last. Time on earth.
    Inspired. By – Evangelist. Stanfred Gamble. Of. The. Church. Of God & True Holiness. Of. Eastover/Columbia South. Carolina.
    Pastor:Bishop Nate Gamble. II


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