POWERFUL SPIRITUAL WARFARE PRAYERS. 100% Guaranteed Answers To Your Prayers. Hope McDowell Gibson

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COVID Protection Prayers

Prayers for Favour, Blessings & Happiness

Prayer for Financial Breakthrough In A Pandemic

Prayers For Singles Desired To Be Married

Immigration Breakthrough Prayers

Prayers For Favour In A Court Case

Powerful Warfare Prayers

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  1. Afternoon Thank you so much for all your  Powerful Prayers, for Mr Yutis Tipeo his got a Criminal case in National Court in Papua New Guinea am guiding him cause I ve been through for 8 years from 2014-2022, God opened door has paid both of our New Lawyer Thomas Cook will represent me for my Taxation case on 14th April 2022, all your Prayers & Devoution & Meditation committ him to God give more Strength Courag, Wisdom,Knowledge, Understanding, appearing in Court & Mr Yutis Tipeo is my Sponsor & Facilitator all this Years, on welfare of my Wife Viola & 4 Childrens Namely, Ravini Sinaka 17yrs old & William Sinaka 13yrs old & Vernon Sinaka 9 yrs old & Yunis Sinaka 1yr & 10 months, let God's Ruling & Judgement & Decision from Heaven given to Justice Dowa to execute & endorse Court Orders against 3 Defandants,1. Kevin Bartels & 2. Chemcare Company & 3. Isaac Mol ( Police Officer) In Jesus Mighty Name.


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