Powerful Scriptures For Financial Miracles (Plus Financial Miracles prayer)

In this video, I have the 2 most powerful scriptures for financial miracles. If you are struggling financially, watch this video to the end.

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  1. Am New to your channel and it's by God's grace that I have come across this. Am going through hard times and am great full for the words of the Lord Jesus mighty name. Amen. I mark this day 2/8/22 my financial breakthrough I have received in Jesus name amen 🙏

  2. Today the 16th of July 2022 I am decreeing and declaring financial breakthrough in my life … Dear God you know I have a baby looking up on me …provide for me …I wanna give her the best dear lord 🙏😌… please hear my prayer 🙏

  3. Glory to God in the highest .. I’ve got a testimony..
    I prayed with the scriptures you gave us sincerely from my heart trusting God to supply my need and in less than 4 hours I got a financial miracle..I was just amazed .. Jesus is indeed a miracle worker . Thank you so much ma for being a blessing..

  4. I have gained alot from this,I have been praying while directing God on whom to use but I have learnt that I don't have to tell God how to rescue me. God bless you so much

  5. I just love your humility and the conviction with which you speak and every word for that matter. Last night and this morning, one of the things I was asking from Father GOD was to bless my job and make me prosper in it.

    Something, totally unexpected happened: I got an email that told me to resubmit an application for a one year course which I desperately needed. Closing date was somewhere in mid May, so I had given up thinking they had long started and my application had been unsuccessful.

    I'm amazed by the way GOD is using you my sweet, sweet lady. May you be blessed always. By the way I started the fasting with you on the 7th July 2022 and I am already collecting the "gifts" (I can't remember what you called them).

    Thank you again.

  6. Emeen. Thanks so much dear sister mumbi for your inspiration , I love the way God has used you to inspires people's hearts! May God be with you in whatever you are doing.

  7. Psalm Maverick Warsheep


    The Devil’ Undiscerning Fool Is After Your Mind, Body, Soul, Senses, Discernment, Decisions, Family (Destiny And Purpose)

    The Bride Of Christ) Testimony & Justice To God’s Word. Execute Judgement On My Enemies & Their Children’s Heads

    The Bible Is The Greatest Book Ever Written. God Is The Greatest Mind & Thinker To Ever Exist In Space And Time. I Stayed 8 Days In A Psychiatrist Hospital, An Occult Conspired To Attempt To Make Me Mad,Through Psychic Attacks & Mind Control (Divination) Due To My Mind, Discernment, Destiny And Purpose. God Prove (s) His Word To Be True. I Was Never Mad. My Enemies Will Pay & All Their Generations, NHS, Institutions, The Government,The Church,Zandile, lSithabile, Vunganai, maMoyo, The Nigerian Woman Everyone Involved. I Never Had To Take Any Medication. I Testify To The Bible & Worship A True God Of All Creation. I’m Nothing Without The Holy Trinity.

    I hope you’re doing well. I kindly request that you come In Agreement , lStand In The Gap & Intercede Claim God’s Will To Be Done In Our Lives On Behalf Of Our Bloodline, Ancestors,Us & Future Generations To Done According His Word & Practically & Prophetically Unconscious & Consciously (To Manifest). On behalf of our of Half of Our Minds , Destiny & Purpose, Virtues Marriages, Salvation, Families,Children,Relationships, Divine Helpers, Daily Encounters,Colleagues, Gifts, Friends, Teeth, Associates, Neighbours, Communities,Cities, Time,Animals,Creations, Nations, Africa, UK,EU Careers, Work, Employment, Anointing Oil,Pregnancy, Menstrual Cycles, Responsibilities & Commitments, Organs, Bible Study, Worship, Prayers, DNA, Genes, Health, Hair, Hands, Feet, Emotions, Senses, Body, Leaders, Habits, Home,Spiritual Gift, Healing, Fasting, Covenants, Sacrifices, Offerings,Disposition, Character, All Prayer Requests, Names, Social Media, Bills, Wedding Day, Debits, Bankers Favour, Property & Belongings, Plans, Seasons, Words, Blessings, Grace, Mercy, Media, Music, Standing The Gap, Interceding, Nations The Government , Immigration, Human Rights, Leaders, the Church, Work, NHS, Doctors, Nurses, Influences, Health Care Assistant, Intellect, Consciousness, New Age, Law, Businesses, Business Partners, Clients, Business Dealings,Social Services, EDF, The Gym, Lewisham Hospital,Maudsley Hospital, Ruskin Ward, Hospitals, Mental Institutions,

    Revenge | Vindication | Redemption | Restoration All Our Generations According To The Bible

    Divine Revelation | Knowledge | Wisdom | Discernment | To Test The Spirits | Direction

    Zandile, Sithabisile & Vonganai the Woman From the Gym, maMoyo, Entumbani prayer band to be exposed, Network, Strongman, Strongholds, judged, persecuted and destroyed and their generations

    Destory All The Works Of Devil In Our BloodineTake Authority,Renounce, Bind & Destroy Loose Ungodly Covenants From Altars From Father & Mother’s House And Altars From Outside, Institutions, Governments, Nations Businesses, Catholic Church, Rome, Vatican, False Teaching & Doctrine & Close Doors Jezebel Spirit, Monitoring Spirits, Familiar Spirits, Python Snake, Rulers In High Places, Principalities, Blood Sacrifices , Evil Dedication, Sacrifices, Weight, Rituals, Strongman, Strife, Spirit Husband & Wife, Lack Of Protection, Soul Ties, Stolen & Wrong , Identity, Lack Of Intervene Strongholds, Clothes, Car, Accidents. Dedication, Witchcraft, Evil, Divination, Anti Christ, Evil Names, Evil Intentions, Sorrow & Pain, Strangers, Evil Manifestation, Womb Covenants, Python Spirit, Deposit, Plantation Marine Spirits, Evil, Mental Illness, Midnight & Ungodly Hours Evil Attacks , Fasting, Spirit man Attack Isolation, Persecution, Backsliding, Moon & Sun Sacrifices Dedications & Rituals , Yokes , Bondages, Gym, Training ,Fitness Power, Burdens, Dead People, Mental Institutes, Evil Rejoice, Idols, Adultery, Clients, Business Partners, Delay, Weakness, History, Cognition Function, Insecure, Bad Habits, Teeth, History, Defer, Strongman & Strongwoman Evil Agendas | Halloween | Discernment, Theft, Loss, Discerning Of Spirits, Evil Calendar, Oppressors& Suppression Witchcraft | Ahab | Laziness | Distraction | Birthdays Commitment Sleep & Slumber | Teeth, Prophetic Witchcraft | Time | Stolen Spiritual Gifts, Hair, Hindrances | Psalm Maverick Warsheep | Legal Cases, Tormenting, Social Media Communities | Trends | Philosophies | Rome | America | Policy | Free Will | Travelling | Wounds, Stagnation | Security | Hospital | Medication | Fear | Anxiety | Spirits,Consciousness, UnConsciousness Manipulation To Our Discernment , Voice ,Friendship, Marketplace, Projects, Assignments, Generational Curses & Curses,Hidden Enemies, Evil Patterns, Media Resources, Divine Helpers,Unemployment,Economics Marketplace, New Seasons,Relocations, Immigration, Ethnicity, Principalities, Rulers In High Places, Python Spirit , Evil Dreams, Barrenness, Pharaoh, Goliath Children ,Womb Transferable Spirits, Redemption Health, Bitterness, Anger, Parents, Evil Voices,Evil Gatherings,Psychic Powers/Attacks,Organs, Our Blood,Burning 🔥 Favour, Blessings,Inheritance,Finances, Careers, Emotions, Work, Breakthroughs, Point Of Contact,Incubus & Succumbs , Nature, Trees Land, Water Daniel, Intellectual Property, Writing, Thoughts, Imagination Deliverance, Ambition, Dreams & Visions, Future Oriented, Overlooked, Lack Of Marriage, Lack Of Fruit The Spirit , Poverty, Lack Of Creativity & Expression, Systems, Wars, Banks, Technology Rivalry, Competition, Success, Education, Praying, Reading & Studying The Bible, Understanding, Sabotage, Marines Spirits, Strife, Arguments, Jealous, Hate ,Envy, Retaliation, Revenge, Ignorance, Disagreement Demonic Possession, Limitations, Restriction, Evil Foundation, Not Going To Church, Excuses, Substance Abuse & Violence, Spirits Children, Untimely Death, Sexual Morality, Ancestral & Territorial Spirits Programming, Destiny & Purpose, Generational Curses & Curses, Virtues Destroyers, Stealers, Exchange ,Manipulation & Control













    Psalm 139,1,18,23,27,35,55,69,73,91
    Deuteronomy 28
    Psalm 23
    Psalm 35
    Psalm 91
    Psalm 68 vs 5
    Psalm 127:3-5
    Matthew 18
    Matthew 6
    Matthew 26, 27,28
    Isaiah 9
    Galatians 5 vs 22
    Romans 8, 12
    Proverbs 1 vs 7
    Matthews 19 vs 14
    Proverbs 17 vs 6
    3 JOHN 1 vs 4
    Ezekiel 22
    Jeremiah 1:5
    Ephesians 5:1-2
    Joel 2 vs 28
    Romans 8:27-29
    1 Corinthians 2:11
    Psalm 127 vs 3

    God Bless

    In Yeshua’s Name Amen 🙏🏿

    Thank You



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