Powerful Prophetic Prayers | Night of Prayer by Pastor Felix Bamirin

You might wonder, How to pray in prophetic ways, and how to know which biblical verses are appropriate in your life. Also, you will find below a list of Prophetic Statements and Prayer Points that we have put together. By these, we mean prophetic announcements, statements, and declarations.

Since 1999, Apostolic Councils of Prophetic Elders has brought together some of the most esteemed prophetic voices in the country (USA) from across the country to pray for and ask the Lord to give the next years Word. We pray that an outpouring of prophetic and Apostolic anointing will be released on the Church worldwide. Pray that an outpouring of signs, gifts of the Holy Ghost, and Fatherly power will descend on the church throughout the world.

Pray that urban churches will rise up with unity, glory, power, anointing, signs, wonders, wisdom, prophetic, apostolic, revealing, authoritative, visionary, and free. Father, let us pray that a prayer of purity of prophecy may come into our hearts for churches all over the world. To pray Apostolic prayers and prophetic prayers for the church around the world and for the world church, praying for the church in the present, for the risen church, the church of the future, and for the church at the end of days. I really believe that we are going to see a new level of urban churches coming forward as our times go on, right now, that Holy Ghost is speaking that now word to the apostles, that a prayerful weight is being given us, that is, for us to pray for urban churches of the present day, as well as for the future.

The Lord is calibrating the church so that it is going to be the voice in the middle of this conflict, and it is going to have the fear of the Lord on it, not mans fear. The word is that God is unleashing a fresh surge of his power all over the world. The Lord is also going to stir up and trim up churches so they are ready to receive it, as well as a greater harvest. The Lord will bring forth a younger generation that is either a futurist, or is highly prescient about its own abilities to operate in a cryptocurrency world, and a great harvest of riches will be created for Gods kingdom.

The Lord is calling families to build family altars in their homes, and to pray with and for their families. The Lord is calling prayer leaders to once again engage in this type of battle for their nations. We must pray that China embraces liberty, that China becomes a good leader in the world. We are not sure that there are going to be any wars in the world that will attempt to get worse, but we do have to continue to pray for regional conflicts to try and turn into larger wars.

In prophesied prayer, the angels are programmed to respond, as they are programmed to respond to Gods word. When you open your mouth, rockets, like fireballs, are launched at your enemies.

In other words, God says, God gives you a weapon that is already loaded with shells. Gods word went out from that world to a world outside, and it took hold of Lazarus. These tremors may be likened to the scene in Ezekiel 37 when the Lord spoke to a prophet and spoke in a valley of dried bones.

When a finding occurs, pray those verses in prophecy daily for yourself and/or your circumstances. The word of God has the power to capture governments, earth kings, men, women, churches, demons, devils, jurisdictions, and areas. Since 1991, I became a person of prayer and intercession, It was Father that placed a weight and a passion on prayer, More than anything, it was the weight that was placed upon me to pray for nations, cities, and groups of people. Also, Holy Ghost will teach me about prayer, etc., for the Church. Conventional praying, at its best, only cuts the branches, leaving the roots still whole for them to flourish and grow again.

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