Powerful Prayers For Your Children

Prayers and Scriptures with Music to play in your home.


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  1. I thank God for giving my generation His daughter, Mama Osteen. May God continue to bless her with sound faith, mind and body in Jesus Christ name, Amen. I am indebted to God for the entire Osteen family, and want to say thank you to April- please keep up the good work and may God’s blessings favor you on all sides in Jesus Christ name, Amen.
    This parent prayer blessed me and I now have Bible verse references “sword of the Spirit” for my prayers. Thank you

  2. April and Mama Dodi just came across this so glad I did my heart is so broken. My son is incarcerated in a Texas prison he has been their for 19 yrs and needs to do 10 more before he is eligible for paroled. He has spent all his youth in the system and their is nothing we can do to help him. I miss him so much, please pray that God almighty will perform a miracle and that he will be home soon with his family. Thank you

  3. Oh my. I don't believe in coincidence so I know I was guided to this my God. I needed this to pray for my 20 something sons. They know I pray for them but knowing these prayers are here support me in my faith. Thank you April and Mama Dodie. I am in tears. Thank you, thank you. All of you have always be in my prayers.

  4. Could you make an extended version of this video without adds in the middle?🥰 I would love😍 to be able to really mediate on this over and over again.❤️God bless!🌹🌹🌹

  5. April, I am so grateful that the Lord has given you the time and ability to produce such quality great work like this video! Gives me hope not only for my family but for my desire to produce great VLOGS, as I sail around the world preaching and teaching others the Gospel and how to live a VICTORIOUS life:-). Many Thanks!

  6. Thank you April and Mama Dodie . Please pray for my two sons Richard and Bernard.🙏🏽💕 I just saw this right now . I am going to say this prayer every day from today for my children and all other children and youth .From SFO🙏🏽💕

  7. Thank you Holly Spirit I agree to declare and believe this super powerful prayer over my children. This prayer gave me more courage to pray and listen to your channel 🙏❤️thank you God bless you both.❤️

  8. 💜💫I'm So Grateful that I've discovered Your channel, Your Videos Truly Are Hope Giving!😇 The several videos I've watched, have already given me such great guidance and hope, during particularly challenging times I've been experiencing. ( I am a Christian, myself)
    I Especially Enjoy Your Mother's Messages and Her Great Insight. You are Such Wonderful Ladies, who Share so much of Your Loving Kindness with us all. Your channel is Invaluable and Is most definitely A Godsend for Many, including myself. Thank You Both For All Your Efforts, You Are Making A Big Difference and Impact In People's Lives. 💫 May God Bless You Both Greatly And Your Family. Thank You 😇💫
    From Virginia, Auckland, New Zealand. 🌻🌻💜

  9. Amen 🙏!, Excellent, powerful, faithful, truth, Blessings, divine, love forever, holy, Saints, peace, hope, healing, wisdom, anointing, prayers in Jesus's name.Amen!!
    Proverbs 31: 27-29, Joshua 24:15, your big Legacy would be light forever in Jesus's name.Amen!!
    Thank you again & again!!

  10. Good morning April and mum Auckland New Zealand what a beautiful surprise blessing prayer declaration on your program so timely and so needed God bless you April and mum for taking time with the lord reading the living word and praying over the nations of the world l sense the presence of the holy spirit over the prayer God bless you your family and ministry. Please continue to pray for my family God's love healing and restoration in our relationship


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