Powerful Prayers For Single Women Desiring to be Married, Prophetess Hope McDowell Gibson

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  1. I declare and decree that by the power of the most high God, I will be a wife.The man that God has prepared for me will locate very soon. I will be connected to my husband and the father of my future children. I speak my marriage and union into existence. As Boaz found Ruth, so shall my husband find me at the appointed time. I pray for everyone searching for their spouse that you will be located with love and marriage. Amen

  2. LORD I don't know who this mate is but you do LORD let him locate me in the name of JESUS…!!!! Let no powers of the enemy hinder our meeting…!!! To become one in your sight LORD. Thank you LORD for my Holy Man of God…!!!! Amen…!!!!

  3. Thanks God for his love and blessings.pray for me can get married this year in Jesus name amen.pray we can become husband and wife and have a our own family and child together.in Jesus mighty name I believe.amen

  4. Till it happent I will give like this only pray for me and johnwesley get marriage very soon I love him I want to stay with him we both stay together long life good health

  5. Last year I approached Pastor Hope for prayers so I could find an husband. Once she called and pray and declare over my life that she has seen my husband in a grey suit She also introduced me to her Prayers and started listening to them every day. I got married on Wednesday August 25, 2021 and my husband was in a grey suit. Thank you Lord for this breakthrough and thank you Pastor Hope for these powerful prayers . I will continue to listen them they have helped and I will continue to trust God for many more breakthrough…

  6. I declare that in the name of Jesus Christ I'm a wife and a joyful mother of children. HALLELUJAH. I'm a virtuous woman , and i shall be celebrated by my husband in Jesus Christ Name Amen. My husband fears the Lord, Loves the Lord and keeps his status. We both will serve the Lord together in true Love of God, Joy Unspeakable and harmony in Jesus Christ Name Amen. HALLELUJAH. Thank you Lord , for it is done in the name of Jesus Christ Name Amen.

  7. Thank you for such a powerful prayer it really touched me and I prayed it from my heart so I am expecting my husband to locate me soon because I am his wife, in Jesus name, Amen!

  8. Good afternoon WOG! I came across your video none shall lack their mate I have been listening to your video everyday. I desire to be married. Your video has bless me tremendously. Thank you.


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