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  1. I come in agreement with this prayer and I take back by faith my husband my marriage and the father of my children I curse and break the seed of adultery in that woman and my husband to burn into ashes in Jesus mighty name 🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Pls pray for me and my husband Pathiban been hurting me with actions why me my Abba Father I’m broken 😞 hv suffered so much already … need to loss my weight from 71kg to 58 kg by 11 Jun 22

  3. Pls pray for me and my husband Pathiban been hurting me with actions why me my Abba Father I’m broken 😞 hv suffered so much already … need to loss my weight from 71kg to 58 kg by 11 Jun 22

  4. In Jesus name my marriage is restored & made brand new, in Jesus name, Father God let no weapons formed against me prosper, stand before the flesh of my spouse and cancel selfish & evil intents in Jesus name, Amen 🙏🏽

  5. Jesus please break the witchcraft and sorcery off of my husband, remove the strange woman from his life, break the yoke between them and return my husband to his senses and repentance. Block my husband’s ears from anyone who is a vessel of the enemy to bring division and divorce, may their words fall down unheard and dead at his feet. Abba restore my husband’s love for You and me and bring him home in Jesus name!!!

  6. My wife divorced me last year. She is seeing someone else. My ex wife is in new age practices. Witcraft yoga medition astronaut projection .. Grounding reiki … I pray that the Lord will restore my marriage. I pray to break all this witcraft.

  7. My husband does not want to speak to me but there is no seperation in marriage icome in agreement with this prayer by the power of god ideclared my husband will come back to his own mind amen that god has broken all relationship between him and any one that is cause my husband mine to turn my mine against the lord will return my marriage from the enemy hand in jesus name amen 👋🖐✌👂🖎👐👊✋👊

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  9. Please pray for My Marriage to E.T. jr. of almost 21 yrs. My husband drops me off to my sister or daughter’s house (who lives in another state far from we currently resides), whenever he’s car hauling (he’s self employed) & doesn’t return for weeks….only to keep postponing our return home or making excuses on why he has to keep working…He just leaves with promises to return soon so we can leave together….He appears to be thoughtful in one breathe & very argumentative when I ask him anything or for a couple of dollars in the next…often blaming me or shutting me up when I come to him in peace…He rather stay at his mother’s house & often leaves to go on the road without keeping me posted on his whereabouts…It’s frustrating & embarrassing that he does this causing others to know without saying too much that he doesn’t care & when I’ll be leaving their homes to return to mines…Our children doesn’t understand why I remain with him when he’s acted out or told them that he wants me to sign the Divorce Papers (he tried to serve me last Summer but I never answered my door when they came knocking to serve me…so now the case has been dismissed, praise God but it hasn’t easy because he really tries to do whatever he can by being distant & causing a argument whenever we are face to face)…I’ve been following your divine messages/prayers on YouTube Bro.Kay & praying for restoration, healing, deliverance,..all the while waiting with faith for a Miracle, Healing, Restoration, Love, Intimacy, Joy, Salvation for My Life, For My Husband, Our Marriage, For Our 4 Young Adult Children, For Our Destiny & For My Finances ( since he does very little to help me)…Plus against all his so-called Women Friends (Jezebel’s) which has been a problem he can’t seem to understand how…against his Ungodly Male Friends & his so-called religious family members whose never given My Children nor Myself the respect….they actually condone his behavior by applauding him to go on without having his Wife or Children in his life…I can go on & on but I believe you & everyone can kind of get the gist of our broken Marriage/Family…I don’t have a trusting Godly praying partner so I hope & pray someone can touch & agree with me…Thank You & God Bless Everyone🙏🏾

  10. I as well as my husban really need this prayer. He's been gone from me as well as his children for 9 months now. Our Anniversary is on the 17th of September and I want him back home before THEN. I've prayed for my husband sice the day he lefted. Please I beg, I beg that my husband come home to me. I come into an agreement. I Jesus name I pray Amen. Father pease restore my marriage, father restore my marriage in JESUS name AMEN.

  11. Pray for my son named Samuel Sudheer. He's unhappy with his wife. They were staying seperately. Pray for restoration and healing marriage life Pray for my grandson Joseph Prince. Amen

  12. Please pray for my husband go home. Oh my God please restore my marriage. And separate my husband and strangers woman. Even he said he doesn’t love me anymore but I believe God can change his heart back to me.I pray for my husband love me like Christ love the Church. In Jesus Name. Amen


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