Welcome to tonights live beloveds. For those who are sowing tonight our PayPal is amzee17@yahoo.ca or go to www.efmi.co.zw …


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  1. I receive and accept this anointing of my finances and general well-being by the Grace of the Almighty God AMEN . I also pray that the Almighty God extends these blessings tenfold to every member of my family and also to the family of Prophetess Collette Williams as well. AMEN AMEN.
    God bless you WOG , May the Almighty God in his infinite mercy continue to guide , protect and bless you and your wonderful family. AMEN AMEN.

  2. Thank you Prophetess for the word. This came at a time where I really needed to hear the word. This year so far as been a trying year but through your words I’m able to stay encourage. Praying for fruitfulness in all areas of my life, my son’s life & my boyfriend’s life. May God continue to bless you and use you to reach his people. Financial deliverance & prosperity may come our way.


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