Powerful Miracle Prayer to St Jude – Hopeless and Impossible cases

Most holy apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the Church honors and
invokes you universally as the patron of hope. Please intercede on my behalf. Make use of that particular privilege given to you to bring hope, comfort, and help where they are needed most. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation and help of heaven as I work with my challenges, particularly for the grace of faith, hope, courage and wisdom. I praise God with you and all the saints forever. I promise, blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor, to always honor you as my special and powerful patron and to gratefully encourage devotion to you. Amen.
May the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, and loved in all the tabernacles until the end of time. Amen. May the most Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised and glorified now and forever. Amen St. Jude pray for us and hear our prayers. Amen. Blessed be the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Blessed be the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Blessed be St. Jude Thaddeus, in all the world and for all Eternity. Amen.
For the intentions of those who have no hope, for those who are sick and living in spiritual and material poverty…
For the intentions of those without a job and means of income and those living in a state of depression, and frustration…
For the intentions of those leading a sinful life and a life without conscience.. For Hardened sinners, criminals, warlords and those perpetuating violence and crime, that they may be lead into repentance.
For the intentions of the youth of this world, for the grace of purity and deep holiness and for a deliverance from the current vices of this world – drugs, alchohol, pornography, fornication, violence and all forms of sexual immorality.
For the families around the world, that the works of the enemy against family the domestic church will be defeated and that all the families stay united in love.
For all the leaders in our political, social, military, beuraucracy, corporate, law enforcement and legislative systems that each one of them may be filled with the Holy Spirit..
For the Holy Catholic Church the Pope, the Cardinals, the Curia, the Bishops, the priests and all the religious and seminarians to be protected and filled with the Holy Spirit
For all the non Christians, that they will come to the light of Christ and for peace, love and unity among all religions and denominations.
For all the souls in purgatory and all the people living and dying today, that they will be saved by the loving kindness and mercies of God.
Having prayed for the intentions of the world, we now turn to St Jude and repeat this invocation 9 times being confident about the special intention we are praying for and also for the gift of courage, hope, faith and wisdom to submit and to discern the will of God.


Will you please pray a decade of the Rosary/ short prayer to support this ministry! Thank You & God Bless You!


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