Powerful Ministration By Dunsin Oyekan During BTE Grand Finale

Rccg Champions Cathedral. 03/02/2021. Breakthrough Encounter – February Edition Theme : Divine Push – Grand Finale/Anointing Service . Live


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  1. Hello Bro Dunsin, when are you coming to usa? You are a real blessing. I listen to his angelic songs everyday everywhere and most importantly the the holy spirit used his songs to comfort me when I lost my dad a month ago

  2. One of the greatest things that happened to me this year is discovering a vessel of unusual realm in Christ like you. Am glad inform you that God has really use your ministration to bless my life by changing my position in the realms of Spirit.
    I love you sir, May the Lord bless you more by giving you greater insights in your gospel ministration.
    Am looking forward to have a personal encounter with you.
    Thank you so much sir .

  3. You are really a blessing to this generation, may the oil upon your life never go dry, may the hand of the Almighty God continue to keep you safe from the wicked ones of this world, may you Dunsin Oyekan go from glory to glory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  4. Amen 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙌 glory glory healing blood Yeahweh Jasuha Yah Yah Yeahweh Yeahweh Yeahweh Joshua Yeahweh might Yeahweh Yeahweh Joshua Yeahweh be bless 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙏be bless

  5. Blood covering over you and no wapon that form again shall not come to pass over you and your children family your family grace strengthen shalom Joshua Yeahweh be bless


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