Poweful Worship Songs With Don Moen – Don Moen Greatest Hits 2022 – Our Father, I will sing…

Poweful Worship Songs With Don Moen – Don Moen Greatest Hits 2022 – Our Father, I will sing…
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✅ Tracklist:
[00:00:00] – Don Moen – Hallelujah To The Lamb
[00:04:00] – Don Moen – Thank You Lord
[00:09:29] – Don Moen – Mi Corazon
[00:14:03] – Don Moen – I Want to Be Where You Are
[00:16:54] – Don Moen – This is Your House
[00:21:03] – Don Moen – Our Father Live Worship Sessions 8
[00:26:28] – Don Moen – Sing for Joy
[00:29:52] – Don Moen – Deeper In Love
[00:33:25] – Don Moen – Be Glorified
[00:38:07] – Loyiso Bala -How Great Thou Art
[00:43:04] – Don Moen – Give Thanks
[00:51:02] – Don Moen – Trust and Obey
[00:55:09] – Don Moen – I will sing
[00:58:19] – Don Moen – Hiding Place
[01:03:48] – Don Moen – I Want to Know You More
[01:08:57] – Don Moen – Shout to the Lord (Acoustic)
[01:17:18] – Don Moen – God Will Make A Way
[01:20:14] – Don Moen – He Never Sleeps
[01:23:47] – Don Moen – I Offer My Life Praise & Worship Music 3
[01:28:26] – Don Moen – Return to Me

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  1. I was raised in a muslim family and it was not always easy. When i was 15 years old , my best friend shared biblical verses with me everyday at school.
    One day , i lied to my parents because i was going to church and for the first time i felt god's presence, i witness god's love in my life. I have been through ups and down , made decisions i never thought i would. One thing i can say today is that God love us all, he wants us to be strong and live in truth. He shows us ways , signs and he always has the last word. Now , it is nearly 7 years that i am serving god and it is a blessing. Shalom friends ❤

  2. I was Muslim and converted to being a follower of our lLord Jesus Christ..I prayed to God one time with all my heart and asked him to show me if he’s real then Jesus came into my life. The holly spirit is guiding me and I will start preaching in God’s name one day to bring this gift of true love and happiness to less fortunate and lost souls.Amen ❤❤❤❤🙏😇

  3. Hey you strong people, if you reading this now… I just wanna say, thank you for not giving up your life. Thank you for holding out until this second. Thank you for enduring the hardships of life. Thank you for being a person who keeps trying to be better. Thank you for not end your life. Thank you for strong heart. Thank you for everything! 🖤


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