Plot Twist | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Broken plans? Unmet expectations? Get ready for a plot twist.

In this sermon, Pastor Steven Furtick turns to John 4 to show us that, when we think we know how our story will end, God moves beyond what we could ask or imagine.

He turned the ostracized woman at the well into a messenger to her people. He turned Joseph, the son sold into slavery, into the savior of countless lives. Out of Jacob’s mistakes, He produced the nation of Israel.

He doesn’t meet our expectations; He exceeds them.

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Section Titles: 
0:00 – Going Back To The Well (John 4)
2:50 – Jesus Is A Barrier Breaker
4:22 – God Doesn’t Do What We Expect 
8:22 – The Year of the Plot Twist
9:44 – It’s Okay To Be Caught of Guard
12:06 – This Isn’t Where I Thought This Was Going
15:27 – The Importance of Being Attuned To The Holy Spirit
23:05 – Get Ready For A Plot Twist (John 4, verse 5)
28:47 – Don’t Get Too Settled Into Your Story
30:24 – God Uses The Very Things You’ve Given Up On
32:38 – This Is Not The Time To Stop Believing
34:54 – Jesus Knows Who You Really Are (Genesis 48, verse 11)
36:35 – That thing you’ve given up on? It’s not over.
39:48 – God Wants To Bless You (Genesis 48, verses 11-13)
42:55 – The Unexpected Blessing (Genesis 48, verses 14-20)
46:04 – You Can’t Quit Now
48:16 – A Prayer of Blessing
52:36 – You Already Are Enough

Plot Twist | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church


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  1. This is second time I’m watching this message, I saw it yesterday live and today. It’s such a message I need for this season of my life. Thank you Pastor Steven for this word. Plot twist my marriage is going to survive and be stronger than ever, plot twist I will get the right job that would still enable me to spend time with my 5 months old daughter. Plot twist God is going to do a new thing for me in the eyes of my enemies.

  2. 🙌🏾 All glory to the God of the Plot Twist! He's turning everything around in my life for my good. He's breathing life into everything that's been dormant. MY LIFE WILL LIVE AGAIN!!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  3. You always speak to me through the Word I'm grateful to God for finding all of your YouTube sermons Thank you and your whole family there in North Carolina. From Pico Rivera, California. Audrey Rodarte

  4. Powerful brother Steven u don’t even know how u have brought the word to laughing my spirit like nobody has been able to ever and I’ve been raised in the church but you speak to my spirit pray for you every day I would not be headed in God‘s direction on his mission without you pray I meet you someday and I plan to come see you in North Carolina to church if you lord Willin keep up the good work

  5. The Lord showed me alot of my sin as well at one point. Not all it would be too many. It was to show me just what my sins were that were washed away by the cross. I can't imagine the world's. I have an uncle with Als. You honored your father Pastor Steven. He's the God of the plot twist. Amen Stay Blessed

  6. Devils advocate had an ending that left me spirituality questioning some hard stuff in high school. Saw, the first time I saw saw, that one blew my mind.

    I love it when I can't see things coming in movies. Hate it in real life. Learning to see how all things good and bad, God has used to better me, to grow me.

    I thought my struggles had been a punishment for something i did before high school. I thought my pain was because I was born, I thought my existence alone was enough to need atonement for. Then God showed me my past through a lens he had. He showed me how often he put angels in my life to speak love to me when I struggled the most. And when I asked him why did it have to be so hard, so painful, so lonely? Wasn't I loyal enough? Didn't I love you, God, enough? Did I not try hard enough to treat other's as I wanted to be treated? I have been trying my best to be deserving. Why? So I would know the power of HIS love. Whooooo. That one made my knees buckle in humility and gratitude. I was lost, but now I am found. I was blind but now I see. Through God we can change the world. 🙏❤

  7. I'm needing a divine plot twist with my health. I had stroke a year ago and five subsequent neurosurgeries. Doctors want to do two more. Yet, I'm believing for a 100% healing so I can return to the classroom this coming January to the job I love as a Special Ed. teacher.

  8. Biiiiiiiiiiig difference…bHES THE GOD OF THE PLOT TWIST

    ( I'm balling )
    I love surprises … Our father thy son and the holy spirit has been a rollercoaster for me pastor furtick && only because the fact is I knew nothing about god the bible or church. I was shown prayer and told that god and the devil is real and that for me to know that god died for us to live life happy but/and the right way by his law. Idk if that was explained properly and as great as the way my grandma had told me growing up but point is I've been blessed with the surprise of the holy spirit this last 11 months and it was a rollercoaster, very confusing for me as to why I was being gifted thru my drug addiction to get clean etc but because of my common sense I made it thru and alive still and I'm looking forward to telling my story … And so greatfull for all his surprises EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THESE 11 MONTHS PASTOR HONEST TO GOD THATS HOW MY LIFE HAS BEEN …. AND EVEN THOUGH MY MOURNING WAS TO HACE MU SOBRIETY AND BE THE FEMALE I WAS PRIOR WHICH IN MY EYES PERFECT JUST THE WAY HE MADE ME YET U RELAPSED AGAIN PASTOR AND HAVE BEEN CAREFULLY DOSING MYSLEF THESE LAST TWO MONTHS AND STILL I CARRY THE HOLY SPIRIT WITH ME TRYING TO GET ME BACK TO BEING CLEAN ( perfect) idk I'm going off. But I know that's I have the holy spirit and this is literally 24/7 and at first I wanted it to all go away but now they prayer it's been so perfectly done that im scared to live life without the holy spirit . Idk what I'm trying to say anymore in this or what I'm trying to get at but I just wanted to share a bit I guess and I'm so happy to have been brought to your page thru god . Amen. ẞ

  9. My to go to sermon when things get Thick! And they do! But somehow I always end up here. Maybe there's something for me in here I've never digested. Funny how it's a Father's day sermon because my life took a turn with my dad's presence in and out of it. 😢😢❤👍

  10. <<< Is not Ephraim my dear son, the child in whom I delight? Though I often speak against him. I still remember him. Therefore my heart yearns for him; I have great compassion for him, declares the LORD. << Jeremiah 31: 20 >>


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