Playing through anything! #shorts

Chile will play in their first ever Rugby World Cup at France 2023 after beating the US for the final Americas qualification spot. Needless to say, both teams battled through some pretty intense playing conditions!

#rugby #shorts #Chile #USA

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  1. That guy runs in sync with the rhythm of the song. Nice

    🇿🇦It reminds me of when Uruguay qualified for 2019 RWC and beat Fiji in their one game. That was fantastic. It probably meant more to them than us winning the World Cup that tournament.🇿🇦

  2. Well done Los Cóndores 🇨🇱! So glad that you qualified for the World Cup! The experience alone will be great as you continue to improve 💪🏻🏉

  3. Congrats to Chile you guys showed way more heart than the USA team. As an American its really sad to we cant even beat a small nation like Chile


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