Paul Washer Prayer: 10 Keys to Powerful, Effective and Answered Prayers (How To Pray)

Paul Washer sermons: In this short prayer clip, Paul Washer shares various keys on how to pray. As a Prayer Novice, here are ten …


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  1. Seems odd definitely trying to say some prayers get answred more often because you prayed a certain way. Yes the Bible gives clear examples of how to pray but just because someone might not know that exact thing doesn't seem right to say their prayer won't get answred any differently based on their heart and sincerity.

  2. i LIKE Paul Washer ok until he hollers.STIRRING EMOTIONS DOESNT HELP ANYTHING. EMOTIONS ARE NOT THE SPIRIT. Also I've never heard him mention the New Covenant…and only heard him mention Grace one time.

  3. I have listened to so many sermons on prayer. But this sermon jam has helped me understand prayer and simple ways to get started. Definitely the most powerful I have ever heard. Love Paul Washer and his sweet spirit of loving teaching

  4. Paul Washer rubbed me the wrong way when I first began to listen to him….and I suspected it was because he was right, and that I did not really know accurate things about God, according to His word. Once I began to learn in the Bible what prayer meant, why we should do it, and how to pray….I've never gone back! Thankful for Paul Washer and his ministry 🙂

  5. The background music is perfect for this video. What a powerful message. Just purchased the book by E M Bounds on prayer and my eyes were opened to many things. Paul Washer is such a blessing to me! Thank you Lord.


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