Pastor TB Joshua in Heaven

We lost a Man that has changed lives and influenced our country positively. RIP Pastor #tbjoshua ! May you find rest in Heaven ❤️ Please leave a ❤️ in the comment section. Created by @fybcraft. Like | Share | Subscribe ❤️ #fybcraft


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  1. I believe to cliff to that lineage.
    When you were alive sir i hardly listened to your messages. But the week you died, i really saw the church crying before the altar and someone from the congregation, dressed in white was happily going leaving behind the mass population that was in tears.

    When i heard of your death sir, i couldn't hold myself but had to put in sackcloth for a week mourning for your departure. I felt the emptiness/vaccuum you created because you departed. I had to download a series of your messages to hear your voice. You gave me direction for what to do.

    I was not really following you but when you died, i knew i have lost a father. You were a system. You hosted Heaven on earth.

    I will forever remember you.

    Rest in PEACE

    Rest in PEACE

    Rest in PEACE

    Rest in PEACE

    Rest in PEACE

    You operated in all these fold.
    I love forward of having more of you

  2. God took him home for his own purpose,,although is so sad,, we all missed him by the millions of souls he gathered for JESUS,, along with his dearly loved ones he leaves behind,,he thought us all how to live,,humble ,, kind ,, love each other,, help the less fortunate!!!!!! Walk with faith in JESUS mighty name,,, EMMANUEL,

  3. There's one person including family and friends. That I'm 100% sure that made it to heaven.
    The girl that told one of the Black trenchcoat wearing gun wielding thugs in COLUMBINE high school. In like 1992,93 or 94.
    They lined up a group of kids.
    One of them said who
    believes in Jesus Christ
    Step forward, knowing she was going to be shot.
    AND as a few of you, that actually read more than a paragraph at a time, in church.Knows that the Bible says He who stands strong in my word will stand strong in the kingdom of heaven. And
    again : He who is for me Cannot be against me!

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  5. Today is the one month man of GOD from June 5.2021 now July 5.2021 we miss you so much and might GOD protect you in eternal peace r.i.p🙌🙌🙌💕🙏🙏💖🙏👏👏👏


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