Pastor Gino Jennings vs Bishop Noel Jones | Sarah Jakes, Keion Henderson, Noel Jones All Remarries

Bishop Noel Jones goes against the Marriage Teaching that he has stood by for 72 years to now be remarrying to marry long time girl friend Loretta. This is a topic that Pastor Gino Jennings is strong and clear on and as we narrate and comment this video, we highlight critical life changing bible scriptures.

Disclaimer: this video was compiled for Educational purposes.



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  1. so if you get your heart broken from a marriage and divorce BUT end up falling IN LOVE again with somebody else and get married GOD is gonna send you to hell?

  2. Mark 10:9 WHAT THEREFORE GOD HATH JOINED TOGETHER LET NOT MAN PUT ASUNDER…..If people listens to Gino Jennings that will have miserable lives, they will stay with people that's abusive, with people that GOD never joined them unto and doesn't even want them to be with because they are evil and a complete hindrance to them and their relationship with GOD….. If GOD doesn't want an individual with someone he will make a way of excape for them to get out of the marriage, he will tell them to get out and let that other person go….Gino Jennings wants people to view him as scripturally correct but the problem is he may start off with scripture but then he goes so far left away from them cause he starts adding his own personal fillings, views, and opinions, then next thing you know he's calling people out of their name, his whole focus be on what other people are doing and not doing rather than just speaking the word and moving on like the scriptures instructs a man of GOD to do…..1st. Corinthians talks about a wife being bound by the Law unto her husband as long as he is alive but if he dies she can marry another man but he must be a man of GOD though, this is only given to the people of GOD not to the world, but this is Gino Jennings problem he puts everybody in the same basket the people of GOD and the world and he's way way off and it's as if he doesn't know the difference between GOD's people and the world, so it makes me wonder if he truly has the HOLY SPIRIT….

  3. Divorce for a while now, this biblical law sets me free. I don’t have to marry anyone ever again. I’d make a terrible wife,I only cook one course meals when I feel like it. I also find time alone as a luxury. The best part is shopping as much as much I need and not having to hide bags. Just walk right through the front door and merrily put the goods away.☺️
    God the Father ,Jesus the Savior and led by the Holy Spirit. That’s enough for me I am husband free forever…. Yaaay

  4. What are you going to do when you fall short of the glory of God? We all have things in our lives that do not set well with the Glory of God. You have touched God's anointed and God is going to deal with you. Noel Jones has a covenant with God, the terms of that covenant no one can break. God wants me to tell you that, "Noel Jones have more love for him in his fingernails than you have in your heart for him. God is going to deal with you like he dealt with King Saul. Everything connected to you will die with you, because you have not be giving the gift of a prophet to judge anyone. When tell you that you will die like a dog in the street, and no one will pick up your body until the crows have their way with your flesh. I am not afraid of anything you have to say about me because I was sent to give you this message by Jehovah our God, Hosts of all of Is-ra'-el. My name is Merlion Rious and I am not afraid of you, neither is the devil, nor is GOD! YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!

  5. When I stopped attending all churches and stopped listening to these morons called pastors my happiness became real. No more guilt. No more sucking up to a pimp. This clown is just a bottom feeder…..

  6. I am kind of torn because
    although you might say he's
    doing some judging, he's still, just as important,
    talking & preaching about
    lots of topics that LOTS of
    "men of the word" Don't
    touch from the Word!!!

  7. Hell, I was married for 18 years, wife quite college with one semester to finish,sat a home for 4 years watching soaps on tv, no kids due to no sex. I asked minister about this issue (no biblical answer) I myself meditate and got the answer from the Universal CRATOR , (leave this ——- in her misery) life been better very hour afterwards. Living my HEAVEN now, ain’t got to wait while living hell here🙏🏾

  8. GOD said that he will be merciful on who he wants to be merciful on so we must never judge no one because GOD give JESUS CHRIST that position not us so pastor must watch his words he's right but he's worng

  9. GOD said that he will be merciful on who he wants to be merciful on we are no ones judge only JRSUS CHRIST get that position not us so the pastor is right but he should'nt judge

  10. Every pastor, preacher, overseer, elder ,deacons, bishop, who knowly marries another woman knowing full well that the woman's husband is very much alive is GOING TO HELL. Because they have VIOLATED the LAWS and PRINCIPLES of MARRIAGE SET FORTH BY GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF .And to make matters worse these are SUPPOSED ,SUPPOSED to be Godly men, men who are SUPPOSED to be respectable, of good character and report. But rather they turned out to be just as bad as the DEVIL 😈 himself, what ashame on you LIARS.

  11. So it better he kept committing fornication by not marriage to her? Because I'm pretty sure in 20yrs they have been having sex…and who said Bishop divorce his 1st wife; maybe she did the divorce…. because he played around (allegedly) therefore making it biblical legal. People always want to throw stones especially at ** HUMAN** Ministers, GOD is easier on us then other humans. Stop judging.


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