Pastor Gino Jennings – The Origin False Religions (Facts About Religions)

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  1. The adventist did not high ject that name Adventist mean waiting for the 2 advent waiting for Jesus second coming and they keep the seventh day both is in the bible no high ject here but yet adventist were the only denomination he accused of high jecting Jesus definitely was no none denominational because he said he is coming for his church adventist church suppose to keep the seventh day Holy because the bible says so this is why they named the church seventh day adventist because they r waiting for Christ second coming No Jennings didn't mention this did he Satan is the accuser of the brotheren so is his preachers .Jennings just pointed 👉 👈 👇 to the bible truth about the sabbath being the seventh day which is Saturday that the adventist keep, that Jennings is in contrary to because he keep a false day of worship Sunday which if u study is sun worship bowing to the 🌞 ☀️ 🌤 🌅 ♌️ 🌄 he needs to talk about the history of Sunday how it came about through paganism when God people didn't want to keep the sabbath they didn't want to follow God so the devil created His own day of worship so did the pagans they would go and bow their heads to the sun 🌞 worshipping the sun so it became Sunday and Saturday is from the planet Saturn day because Saturday after pagan God's but what was God mostly against Look in the book of Ezekiel when God showed Ezekiel what was going on in his church ⛪️ the members was bowing with their heads towards the Sun worshipping the sun 🌞 in His God temple church God was angered by this He was not pleased about Sunday keeping not Saturday Sabbath keeping but SunDay the first day of the week worship service.God said from Sabbath to Sabbath all flesh will come to worship me what God said in the old testament was ment for the new testament til now this is how God feel about the sabbath how important it is 7 is very significant in the bible when the prophet was dipped in the Jordan River the seventh time he was blessed with a special healing a special blessings was upon him so u will receive a special blessing on the Seventh day Sabbath Jesus also said forgive your brother seven times seven so I not just looking at one scripture on this subject Jennings talks about the history of other religions but yet missed the history of His church he talks about the catholic ,Baptist, Pentecostel, and others but keep Sunday as a HolyDay as do the ones he talk against with exceptions of Adventist and the Jews nations who suppose to keep the Sabbath day Holy and others who follow Christ teachings .not to be guilty of accusing but a pastor should not believe in some of the bible but twist and turn other truths in the bible because he chooses not to believe in the word its called mixing truth with error .

  2. The statue of liberty is actually the statue of Lilith. The torch that's in her hand, is actually the cup of inequities. America is the mystery babylon. But back to lilith, she goes by many names like, queens of heavens, ishtar, maria, sophia, she's even the virgo sign, and she's the roman Catholic mary, that same statue they worshiping and be praying to. Please don't take this the wrong way. But that Catholic Mary is not the same Mary that's Jesus mother. Don't be deceive, if don't believe me then ask yourself these few questions. Why is the Catholic priests colors are the same red and purple colors of the harlot? Why is the pulp hat is the same as the fish god? Why did the Catholics teach many that Mary Magdalene is Jesus wife? Why do Catholics put ashes on people forehead and that's a mockery of Jesus? Because those ashes is the mark of Tammuz the solar god that's born on december 25 christmas? Tammuz is the son of ishtar and nimrod. Is all connected to the pagan holidays,the tower of Babylon aka stronghold of confusion. That's why they call it babel, because it a confused language and false knowledge that keeps us divided. That's link to different religions and Gnosticism which is link all back to lucifer the farther of lies and the author of ultimate confusion. Satan said he will ascend into heaven, and exalt is throne above the stars of God. What you think he was talking about? Everything i just mention before and more. Why you think Baphomet statue, one hand points down and the other one points up. It stands for as above as below. Which clearly means satan is trying to establish his own heaven on earth. Satan is the god of these world. Put the peaces altogether and it will make perfect since to you.. That's i follow God yahuwah and not religion. Because most religion traded in the truth for deception. When you of the spirit , you could see and interpret a lot of things people of the flesh can't. Amen!

  3. Where did the name truth of God come from? I don’t believe God named his gospel anything so whether we call ourselves apostolic Pentecostal or they call them selves the truth of God we ALL just better be found in the book of life on JUDGMENT DAY 🙏🏼

  4. Mi Breda start listing to u and the message u trying to teach and to be honest ur an inspiration for the truth in life cause we as black people have been so brain wash it’s sad all when we see the truth n facts we still hold on to the fuckery them drill in our head for us to comply and conform continue the good wrk jah a guide mi Breda we live n learn jah Rastafari

  5. What I can't understand about Brother Gino is, he pushes take the scriptures as they is written, if you go back to the original writing you understand that there was never a named Jesus in the writing… and it is so important to preach truth then the name of Messiah whatever God said it was back then to be what it is today.

  6. Stop using the Greek God name JESUS it’s not the name the HEAVENLY CREATOR gave his son Yashua it’s NOT WE ARE STILL FALSE WORSHIPING!!!!

  7. In the words of Pastor Jennings research the origin of Names & where they come from I researched the origin of the name Jesus & found that the name Jesus is a Hispanic name as well as the name derives from the GREEK’s GOD name Zeus😱😱😱😣So the name Jesus is a false name for the TRUE SON of The HEAVENLY CREATOR YHWH & after further research I found that The Bible was written in ancient Aramaic and Hebrew so in Hebrew there was no vowels and so God‘s son name is Yashua Enat Jesus but all these religions home follow the Catholic vitamins rulership head is calling on the name Jesus I would like for Pastor Jennings to respond or to teach on how we are now using that name when the name Jesus never existed in Hebrew and it was a name interject in the Bible from the Romans & Greeks during their time of rulership

  8. He is right whn it come to these so call pastor. I've bn to many churches and 99 point 9 percent they preach the same way with the music play behind them and the music always come in at the same time. I found put later threw Gino's teaching ot wad a entertainment

  9. Well true teaching to be honest with you if you hold your holy convocation on sunday and call the Savior Jesus and not Yahshua you are a Catholic. If you know what Constantine did you should know he changed the Sabbath from the 7th day of the week to the first day of the week. In case you don't understand he changed it from Saturday to Sunday.


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