Pastor Gino Jennings- Restrictions In the Bedroom? | Marriage Advice

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Song: Carneal Overton-He’s Been So Good

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  1. I mean no disrespect whatsoever to the Pastor, because he is truly a man of God. But this man is naturally hilarious. It’s like Richard Pryor decided to do the Lords work. Got me crying over here.

  2. “This message is needed,reminds me of something in the Bible Elijah;Jonah;Isaiah;Paul;Timothy; Matthews 7:14 “Because straight is the gate,and narrow is the way,that leadeth into life and few there be that find it”. There is HOPE !,hear what the Spirit has to say to the church .”

  3. That’s a tough topic. His daughter looked so embarrassed, like she was trying pull the head wrap over her face, had to be difficult to hear her dad preach that.
    I feel you girl I was embarrassed too. Ugh…

  4. Lol this Pastor keeps it 💯% real 🙌🏾👌👏🏾🔥🤣 love listening to the word of God from His leadership Amen.🙏🏽👏🏾 praise Jesus for the Truth of God and for his wisdoms, knowledge and understanding.


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