Pastor Gino Jennings – Matthew 15:8-9 Vain Worship & Traditions of Men That Violate God's Law

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  1. I’m wondering if I’m going to hell because of the way I was baptized? Instead of being dumped in water like wanted to I was sprinkle water over my head.

  2. Go on brother in my William voice. I'm older than dirt and I've never heard a man preach the unadulterated truth. He backs up everything with Bible. Gino you're unapologetic in your preaching. Don't ever change for these heathens stand in your conviction. God guide and protect Gino all the days of his life.

  3. I started following the TOG in 2017 had been an elder in a false denomination for over 20 years. This teaching brings back so many memories of how foolish I was. Thank God for holiness…keep your brother in prayer

  4. Thank You my Heavenly Father, for blessing Pastor Jennings with all that wisdom! He is an unlimited Pastor of teaching. May God continue to bless you Pastor Jennings, we need your breakdowns. Thank You Jesus

  5. Greetings Brothers n Sisters from Manteca Ca
    Glory to God Praise God
    Go ahead n Preach it
    The Truth Of God
    Hallelujah Hallelujah
    Glory glory to God
    Run to Gods ever lasting rules
    To back up what you preach
    Amen amen


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