Pastor Gino Jennings interview with Fox 29




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  1. The current state of the so-called "church" are the results of improper LEADERSHIP….false prophets that do not adhere to the very doctrines they profess to stand on…BUT others should follow!

  2. My main issue is not about the dress code or anything, but how a lot, probably most church just want money. And some are too obvious yet people still follow

  3. In an situation that a halfway naked female or male wants help give her or him a robe consultation and warm food . But when that individual returns to church shall be dressed casual no room for sexy temptation at church some people are working to overcome hyper sex drive and you will be disruption to them ..

  4. Jesus Christ is the only one can change our hearts,there is not one man among us other than Jesus Christ who can change us because he is the sacrificial lamb and he paid the price for All of man kind,so come as you are and Christ will do the rest,not man,,,👍👍💯🙏🙏

  5. I believe you should come as you are mentally and physically and learn a better way to be not saying you have to be looking like you bout to get married or walk a red carpet every time you come to service

  6. I saw a visiting female, bend over and expose a drawing of a butterfly right above her behind. We see this quite often, nevertheless, the Lord has right to change the individual’s way of dressing, and I am not here to criticize it nor correct it. But The Lord does it in his time.😊

  7. You are the church, not the building. But it's a hospital, it's where the Saint come to get power. As a Pastor ,you can say what not welcome there. The church I attend women don't wear pants . And men pants are wore correctly. So it's your fault if your ppl are dress inappropriate. So do we have a problem. PsS God was looking for your clothes but your soul.

  8. True- but the actual fact of the matter is the relationship between you or them and Jesus Christ! now you can make some recommendations on a light dress code just to some degree. no ass hanging out booty shorts. that's slightly disrespectful cover up o only 3 inches of cleavage to show. I know some women have some long cleavages 😯

  9. You right brother, they even coming in there with they're same sex partner, like they don't know what the bible says about it, that's like me going in there smoking weed an using profanity, with all the other sins, they trying to change the church, not they're lives, the devil's a liar!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤔


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