Pastor Gino Jennings – I'd FIGHT if I go to PRISON !!

Pastor Gino Jennings speaking about “I’d FIGHT if I go to PRISON !!”.

FOR EDUCATIONAL & KNOWLEDGE PURPOSES in references to the negativity of the matter, giving great educational & Godly advice on how to overcome.

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  1. Pastor Gino Jennings had me cracking up laughing. I like they he has the men speaking out! United we stand decided we fall.Pastor our men need help. Only the truth will make them free. They have been lied to by the church. So they are weak. Some of them can’t read or write. You are displaying what we want in a man. Don’t no woman want no weak man! How will they learn except a preacher. Jesus said if they know the truth the truth will make us free. I believe the Holy Ghost Our helper, gets inside through the word. Jesus said his words were life. But Pastor if no one teach the truth. A lot of guys think it’s Okay, just because everybody else doing it and nobody is saying anything. David killed a Giant ! Let them know Pastor it can be done! Hoorah men Hooray! Ha, ha, ha tell those devils You eyes may shine your teeth may grit but none of this booty you will not get! Pray and fight! Hallalujah! Amen

  2. King Herod house for women ,,no cool girl date ,,I am not a cool deal either ,,you men rebelled from the King ,,no cool girl date ,,go date some dude,stay out of Herod house for women ,,that big gal hired gun Angela Knudson died in 1920

  3. Someone needs to hear this 0h L0rd G0d Almighty!!!. I magnify your name!. Yahweh I give you all the glory for my life!. Forgive my sins and my unconfessed sins L0rd!. L0rd I want more of you and less of me!. I thank y0u f0r y0ur pr0tecti0n!. I am truly blessed and highly favored I sit in heavenly places and I am the s0n of a mighty King!. I l0ve y0u Jesus!. Lord I pray for those wh0 don't know you in an intimate way that they will humble themselves and come to know you on bending knees asking for their forgiveness's!. Father I bind the spirit of pride!. I release love, kindness, patience, humility in the name 0f Jesus!. I followed my heart and I am glad I did. I l0st my wife tw0 years ag0 due t0 the pandemic and I was about giving up, knowing G0d has brought me this far was for a purpose and I kept on looking on to him. My destiny helper was sent t0 me the year my wife died. The moment I was about giving up, I was introduced to a business by a man I met at a seminar I went to at Florida. This was not my first time hearing of such business but I took the risk Investin 1000 USD and it was worth it information@markhanfarmer., COM , f0ur weeks later I kept on getting earnings and I started using the m0ney for G0ds work. I am very popular in Mississippi. Doing G0ds work gives me J0y and peace in my mind. I am here to motivate y0u t0 never give up even though the situation seems s0 t0ugh,. G0d has pr0mised his children and he will surely d0 what he says.

  4. Come on now PJ LET THEM KNOW !!!! These hands will fly in the name of the lord 😂👊🏿 I heard them say the lord works in mysterious ways, these hands might get mysterious on someone’s face too 🤷🏿‍♂️

  5. Every man need to proclaim those words because our male species are truly dying in the spiritual, natural and physical being. Men stand up, stand up for righteousness sake.


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