Pastor Gino Jennings – Husband and Wife

Pastor Gino Jennings speaking about “Husband and Wife”.

First Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ
The New International Headquarters Campus
5105 North 5th street Philadelphia, PA 19120

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Phone # 1-888-231-2201

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  1. I'm 28 and just got married and my mother inlaw recommended your channel and i Thank God for your word because we needed this correct growth and guidence in our new marriage journeyβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ½

  2. You are deceived of the devil if you believe God intended for women to just lay around and not work you’re foolish! In the book of proverbs talk about the woman who worked and took care of husband and her household. I Disagree with pastor Jennings’s on this. We need to stop having women believe that they’re living here scot free. You think Eve didn’t work side by side with Adam.

  3. Is my husband commiting adultery if…#1 He see his children mother as his 1st wife because they have children .no their not kids ,they are in their 30's now. #2 ..If he classified me as the second wife even though they have never been legally married? we don't have children together. #3 ..if he still supports his her with help moving and Uber rides🀦🏾 and housing. Or am I comititing fornacation since he classified me as the second wife even though we are legally married πŸ€”..Answer plzzzzz

  4. AmenπŸ—£πŸ“–100% Truth as it's WRITTEN in the Bible(Holy Scriptures). This is a must Watch before thinking about marrying or already married. This is no joke you gotta be 100% Real and not fake and not leading anyone on especially in a marriage. This is tuff to recieve and take and do and also Helpful knowledge and plain common sense information how to be a real man and a real women striving to be Holy in all aspects of live naturally and spiritually. I thank God for the Truth Of God Message cuz I wouldn't be where I'm at now still in life while still learning the ways on being a real man of God and a real husband doing all this Gods Way According to what's WRITTEN what God says to Obey πŸ“–. Keep me in your prayers, God knows. Peace be unto all, God Bless. Watching from: Juneau Alaska πŸ”πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

  5. Im from the old school to where couples share. Matthew 19:5 And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? (One flesh) one accord same mind same judgement. I believe a man should work hard, very hard, but the women should help, In every area she can and with a spirit that show she a supportive wife. I guarantee he'll love more all the days of his and her life and she will have plenty ✨️ πŸ’› πŸ’• of money and anything else she needs just show all the ways you helpful and supportive.

  6. My God continue to bless you in the highest order, you give to the people truth you are a enlightenment because so many of us have been misguided by the wrong teaching thank you for setting the captives free from the bondage of lies and deceit every time I listen to you preach I learn more from you than any church I have ever been in and that is the truth. before men and God

  7. R U listening to a good man?What a man?l should have met PASTOR Gino Jennings years ago.l am learning so much.This is one of the reasons y l love him so much.He is a true provider a good husband n a fabulous father.What a man!!That's y l love his teachings so much.the truth the whole truth n nothing but the truth.God bless u n Mr Williams.

  8. When I first seen & heard Pastor Jennings’ messages & sermons I, like most people, was moved mainly by his boldness to speak πŸ—£ on many issues & topics that’re USUALLY not touched on in MANY CHURCHES!!!!

    And while I have to admit that his ministry is UNIQUE, I’m also aware that there’s NO HUMAN BEING WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING CONCERNING THE TOTALITY OF GOD!!!

    And I say this, because I see A LOT of people express their gratitude to God for Pastor Jennings’ Ministry & his fearless approach to TEARING DOWN A LOT of falsehoods in the CHURCH…….BUT I send EVERYONE A WARNING!!!⚠️

    As BOLD as this MAN is with his Ministry’s goals, please keep in mind, that he is JUST A MAN & only TIME WILL SHOW WHO HE TRULY IS!!!! Respect!✊🏽


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